Front End Manager Responsibilities

Front end managers are involved in managing all the activities of front end support, which include providing excellent customer service to the customers, managing the cashier's activities, and taking care of the office supplies. Front end manager responsibilities include ensuring the prompt and user friendly customer support for cash maintenance and store security at the front desk. Along with this, they also have to fulfill other departmental activities like labor assistance, cash accountability, etc., for meeting the sales of the organization.

Front end managers usually work for the supermarkets and other departmental stores and manage the front end activities. They generally report to the general manager of the store.

Key Responsibilities of Front End Manager

Front end managers are responsible for supervising the cashiers and lead cashier for monitoring the cash flow management, evaluating the activities of the floor employees, and providing assistance in resolving the customer queries in a timely manner. They have to train and supervise their staff, oversee their activities, manage the effective running of front end department, and make sure that it runs in compliance with the operating policies and procedures of the department / company.

The key responsibilities of the front end manager comprise:

1. Cash Management

2. Human Resource Management

3. Risk Management

Apart from this, the front end manager also has to manage the capital budget required in store operations, review financial reports for estimating company revenues, take appropriate measures to correct the financial set back, prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual report accordingly, and report the same to the general manager and other board of directors.

Required Qualifications and Skills

The basic qualification required for handling the duties and responsibilities of a front end manager is a bachelor's / master's degree in business management, human resource management, retail management, or other related field in management. Previous work experience in the related field of management is also considered by many employers.

Along with the educational qualifications, the front end managers are also required to demonstrate certain skills essential for management purpose. Basic skills required for accomplishing the duties of front end manager effectively comprise excellent communication and interpersonal skills, good listening skills, organizational and time management skills, and excellent leadership skills.

He must have outgoing and friendly personality for attending the customers effectively, must be able to work in a solitary condition or with team, and have the ability to handle pressure efficiently. Also, he must be committed towards his work, and must be willing to work at after hours or at weekends if required.

Salary Compensation

The basic salary offered to the front end manager with around four years of relevant experience comes close to $10.23 per hour. The salary range for this profile is mostly based on the relevant experience, and it increases gradually. The basic hourly salary for the candidate with around five to nine years of experience falls around $13.49, while the candidate having more than 20 years of experience gets his pay around $17.66 per hour.

The job profile of the front end manager is very dynamic, and one is required to have varied expertise in the field of management for handling the responsibilities efficiently. If you think you have the required qualifications and skills for handling the responsibilities of front end manager efficiently, you can make a great career in this field if you keep gaining the experience.

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