Guest Service Supervisor Job Description

The guest services supervisor is responsible for overseeing the overall daily functional activities of the hotel he/she is working for. Guest services supervisor responsibilities need to be carried out in a planned, organized manner and it is important to ensure that they are in compliance with the hotel's policies and procedures. While carrying out these duties, he/she makes sure that the services delivered to the guests are consistent in quality and meet the required standards.

Key Responsibilities of a Guest Services Supervisor

The guest services supervisor plays a crucial role in the success of any hotel. He/she ensures that all the front end activities like taking care of guests, attending to their requests, ensuring that those needs have been fulfilled, addressing and resolving their issues, etc. are taken care of. He makes sure that the services are being offered to the best ability of their staff in a positive, courteous, efficient, and professional manner, so as to make the guests satisfied and content. To better understand the role of guest services supervisor, here is a list of key responsibilities that need to be performed by him/her:

In addition to the above responsibilities,

Thus, the guest services supervisor makes every effort to ensure that high quality services are offered to the incoming visitors, thereby leading to more business profits.

Essential Skills Required For Guest Services Supervisor

Educational Background

A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with some previous supervisory experience would be sufficient to apply for the post of a guest services supervisor. Those with higher qualifications will get promoted to higher positions once they gain sufficient work experience.

Work Schedule

A guest service supervisor may work in early mornings, evenings, or even at nights, depending on the kind of shift they are being alloted. Sometimes, he/she may need to work on weekends, holidays, or may work in split shifts as well. Thus, he/she must be ready to work in flexible work environment and should be willing to work during the peak season when there are increased number of guests visiting the hotel.

Salary Details

Entry level guest services supervisor can get a starting salary of $24,000, while those with previous work experience can get a maximum salary of $50,000. It varies depending on the location, type, size of the hotel and the relevant skills and education of the candidate.

Career Prospects

The career prospects look really lucrative for the candidates aspiring to make a career in this field, as this is one of the most promising fields that offers better opportunities for growth and development.

Thus, you are now well-equipped with various guest services responsibilities and to become a complete professional, you need to execute them efficiently and effectively.

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