Aerobics Instructor Job Description

In today's fast paced environment, the major factor that has affected health is lack of exercise. At least one person per family is affected by some major problem like diabetes, heart problem, cancer, etc. Thus, exercise and fitness are gaining much importance and aerobics is the most popular choice. If you have a passion for fitness and enjoy helping people, you can definitely become a fitness instructor and efficiently shoulder the aerobics instructor responsibilities well.

Key Responsibilities Of Aerobics Instructor

Aerobics exercise is a physical activity that helps in ensuring your fitness level, especially cardio-respiratory fitness that will make you sweat and in turn help you to keep fit. It helps in increasing your stamina and develops the immune system. Thus, before you take up the career option of an aerobics instructor, it is crucial that you first understand the intricacies of aerobics instructor responsibilities:

  1. He should be able to explain in detail the safe and effective ways of practicing aerobic exercises
  2. He should plan, design, and create different exercise regime for every set of muscles depending on the individual capacity
  3. He should guide the participants to follow proper breathing techniques and advise them on maintaining their exertion level. He should provide guidelines on the usage of various training equipments
  4. He should monitor and keep a track of the participants and design future action plans to improve their physical fitness. Further, he should counsel them on changing their lifestyle by taking a diet which is more nutritious and healthy
  5. If any injury occurs, he should be able to provide immediate first aid care by applying bandages, wrappings, strappings, etc., to treat the disabilities and refer them to physicians. Occasionally, he may massage the body parts that have been affected by sprains or any other minor injury
  6. He should motivate and inspire the participants to achieve their fitness objectives. This can also be achieved by planning some competitions that would tempt the participants to achieve their targets

He should ensure that all the procedures and directions given are being followed strictly. He should constantly update and maintain proper logs related to the attendance and progress of the members. He should keep himself abreast with the latest equipments that have entered the market and make recommendations for the same depending on the budget assigned by the work environment where he is employed. He should ensure that all the equipments are safe and maintained up to date.

Essential Skills

The most basic requirement is the passion for exercise and fitness. While guiding the members, he should himself be able to demonstrate a positive, enthusiastic approach. He should be able to present himself as a role model and motivate the students to reach their wellness goals step by step. He should realize that every person is different. Therefore, he needs to teach and plan different workouts based on the individual's needs and capacity. He should possess good communication skills and understand the needs of the client. He should be flexible to work at different timings according to the client's availability.

Educational Requirements

A certification in fitness instruction or in teaching exercise and fitness is desirable from any of the following:

A thorough knowledge of the fundamentals of aerobic techniques and principles is absolutely necessary in getting the desired job.

Work Hours

The work hours are flexible, as he needs to work according to the timings which suit the clients, mainly in the early mornings, evenings, or on the weekends.

Salary Details

The average salary of an aerobics instructor falls in the range of $20,000 to $30,000 per year. It varies depending on the location, experience, certification, and kind of facility he is working in.

Career Advancement

The career advancement opportunities are ample if you have a bachelor's degree in exercise science, physical education, or any other relevant subject. A graduation would help you to advance to managerial positions. A management or an administration degree would be beneficial. The advancement positions are in the form of trainer head, group director exercise, or a fitness director.

Thus, effective implementation of aerobic instructor responsibilities will definitely lead in gaining a huge scope for growth and development, both professionally and personally.

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