Banquet Server Responsibilities

Banquet servers are employed at banquet halls where people gather in large number to attend an event like marriage or a party. The job and responsibilities of a banquet server are somewhat similar to that of a waiter. However, waiters are mostly assigned with a number of tables at the eating joint, whereas the banquet server may have to manage various guests and tables at the banquet hall.

A banquet server is required to setup the tables and cutlery according to the menu and the number of guests arriving at the venue. He helps in decorating the venue and in carrying the dishes and drinks to the table. He serves the food, beverages, and desserts as per the order. A banquet server should be able to explain the guests about the ingredients and preparation style of various dishes if asked. He also suggests dishes to the guests depending on their preference.

On a normal work day, a banquet server is responsible for providing timely service to the guests and handles the irate guests tactfully. After the guests leave the hall, the banquet server clears the tables and the banquet hall. He carries the plates, glasses, and other cutlery and paper napkins for cleaning. He is the channel of communication between the kitchen staff and the guests.

The most common banquet server responsibilities assigned are described below for your information.

Table Setup

During any event, the banquet server is asked to setup the tables and chairs according to the size of the table. He brings and arranges the cutlery according to the menu of the buffet or the orders placed by the guests.

Venue Decoration

A banquet server helps in decorating the venue and tables for occasions such as marriage, anniversary or for birthday celebration.

Carrying and Serving Food and Beverages

The banquet server carries the food and beverages from the kitchen to the table. He serves the food and beverages to all the guests occupying a table.

Presenting Checks and Collecting Payment

Sometimes the banquet server presents the check to the guests and collects payment from them.

Clearing Tables and Venue

Once the guests leave the hall, it is the responsibility of the banquet server to clear the tables and carry the dishes and table clothes for cleaning.

Additional Duties

A banquet server assists the staff and management in other duties as and when required.

Skills of a Banquet Server

A banquet server is required to be:

Becoming a Banquet Server

Individuals with a high school diploma with or without any experience of working in the hospitality industry can apply for this job. Students pursuing education are also eligible to apply for this job and work either part-time or fulltime in case they are having vacations.

Career Scope for Banquet Server

Average salary for a banquet server is $21,000. Additional benefits such as food or accommodation may be provided depending on the organization.

This job provides you an excellent opportunity to work in the hospitality industry even if you have not pursued education for the same. With time and experience, you can move to higher positions in the same or different organization and also continue your studies while working part-time. It also allows you to improve your customer service skills.

Banquet server responsibilities provided here help you to analyze a career option that does not demand much in terms of educational requirements.

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