Booth Attendant Responsibilities

A booth attendant and his job responsibilities are very important for a place like toll booth, casino, carry-out delivery counters, etc. He is responsible for performing a number of tasks in order to fulfill the needs of the visitors.

On a normal day at a toll booth, the attendant performs various tasks and that too simultaneously. He informs about the toll charges, collects the amount, enters information in the systems, returns the change, and operates the switch of the barrier. He has to call the highway patrolling unit and inform them if any driver does not stop his vehicle at the booth.

A booth attendant in a casino is responsible for exchanging chips with cash and vice versa, record transaction details, prepare cash reports, etc. He is responsible for auditing cash drawers and reconcile any errors in the cash reports.

On the other hand, a booth attendant working in a carry-out is required to take orders of the visitors either in person or telephone and inform the kitchen staff. He has to collect payments, return the change, and record all the transactions either in a register or computer. He has to notify the kitchen staff of any changes or cancellation of orders.

A point wise description of all the booth attendant jobs has been provided for your reference. You will be able to identify requirements of each job position and the challenges involved.

Toll Booth Attendant Job Responsibilities

Parking/Traffic Booth Attendant Job Responsibilities

Carry-Out Booth Attendant Job Responsibilities

Casino Booth Attendant Job Responsibilities

Skills of a Booth Attendant

To be an efficient booth attendant, a person should:

Becoming a Booth Attendant

The minimum educational qualification required to work as a booth attendant is a high school diploma. Previous experience of working in sales, customer service, or any other position is beneficial, though not always required.

Career Scope for a Booth Attendant

Salary for this profession vary depending on where you get a job. While a traffic or parking booth attendant may earn around $20,000 on an average, a casino booth attendant can earn as much as $59,000 annually. This salary does not consist of additional allowances.

Booth attendant responsibilities highlight various job titles offered in this profession. You can now identify which option is the best for you and accordingly prepare for it.

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