Food Service Worker Job Description

The food service worker responsibilities include working for executing kitchen food operations that ensure that good food items are prepared by the cooks and the other associate food service workers are directed towards serving quality and quantity food items to the customers.

He is responsible for sanitizing the restaurant rooms, kitchen and other areas that are deemed fit for the clients. He oversees the cooking of food items in restaurants and also modifies the recipes from time to time, as and when required.

This is mainly done in order to cater to the needs and tastes of different customers.

He is responsible for cleaning the food products bought from the market that are required for the customers and chopping them into various pieces under the able guidance of the head chef and cooking the same and checking the availabilty of all the constituents that are needed for making the food items.

He washes the plates and glasses of the customers and is the key person accountable for completing the main customer job responsibilities of the restaurant. The responsibilities of a food service worker vary from one worker to another and is dependant on the levels of his intellectuality and expertise.

However, his key responsibilities are as under:

Food Service Worker Responsibilities

Qualifications and Skills Required

A person willing to become a food service worker should be good at food preparation, cooking, serving and helping skills. Apart from these, he should be able to work with a team and carry heavy objects and plates. He should have the ability to read and write instructions and must be able to carry out operations in cold storehouses.

Working Conditions

He works for long hours in rooms at high temperatures and also executes his operations in cold storage rooms. He remains very busy and in the midst of many customers. He has rotational shift duties and works for about 9 hours every single day and 54 hours a week.


A food service worker earns an average salary of about USD 19, 500. This salary can increase or decrease with regard to the skills of the food service worker.

Thus, the food service worker responsibilities include working as the able administrator of the kitchen operations and taking care of the customers.

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