Guest Service Agent Job Description

Whenever a person enters a prestigious hotel, he/she is first welcomed and greeted by the guest service agent, normally seen at the front office. Guest service agent responsibilities are basically concerned with taking care of the guests and ensuring that all the services are being rendered in a friendly and efficient manner.

He/she basically serves as the first point of contact for the guests and ensures that high degree of quality services are being offered to the visitors.

The primary responsibility of a guest service agent is to provide professional services in a courteous manner. He/she is responsible for efficient handling of the guests and to make sure that they check in and check out as per the rules and regulations.

He/she makes sure that the visitors remain satisfied and content with the services that are being offered, and also take feedback from their guests as to how their services can be improved.

The points mentioned below will help you in giving a better and more clear idea as to what exactly are the key responsibilities that are being carried out by a guest service agent:

Key Responsibilities of a Guest Service Agent

In addition to these responsibilities,

Skills Required For Guest Service Agent

Educational Background

The minimum qualification required to make an entry as a guest service agent is a high school diploma or general educational diploma. Those who have had previous exposure in customer service industry have definitely got more chances of being selected for these jobs. A relevant certification in business management or hospitality would prove to be an advantage.

Work Schedule

Being in a service oriented industry, the guest service agent should be flexible to work right from the mornings till late nights, depending on the business needs of the hotel he/she is employed in. He/she may be required to work in rotational shifts at times.

Salary Details

The average salary for a guest service agent is $21,000. The entry level job seekers can get a minimum starting salary of $18,000, while the maximum can go up to $26,000. It also varies depending on the experience, skills, educational background, geographical location, type, and size of the hotel he/she is working for.

Career Prospects

There are bright career prospects for those aspiring to enter in this industry. The opportunities look promising and those with higher educational qualifications can definitely look for career advancement to higher positions.

Thus, to become a complete professional, you must be able to shoulder the guest service agent responsibilities efficiently and effectively.

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