Guest Service Attendant Responsibilities

The first person one normally interacts with whenever any individual enters any prestigious hotel is a guest service attendant. He/she is the one who gives that pleasant smile and welcomes the guests to the hotel. Guest service responsibilities include execution of a wide range of duties that eventually ensure better customer satisfaction and thus help in maximizing the revenue of the hotel.

Key Responsibilities of a Guest Service Attendant

Guest service attendant generally handles the guest arrival and departure procedures, directing them to their rooms, handling and storing their luggage in proper places, assisting them in valet parking, etc. He/she handles the front desk functions as well as assists in the security and housekeeping duties. To get a more clear idea, here is a detailed description of the key responsibilities that need to be handled by a guest service attendant:

  1. To greet and create an environment where the guests will be welcomed in an appropriate manner and provide orientation to the guests related to suites and cabins and direct them to their rooms by providing assistance in handling their luggage and ensuring that all their requests are duly satisfied
  2. To be able to resolve the questions put forth by the guests and provide all the relevant detailed information about the current activities and facilities provided by the hotel
  3. To answer all the telephone calls and convey the messages correctly and promptly to the appropriate persons
  4. To provide information regarding the nearby tourist attractions and arrange for their transportation if necessary
  5. To make sure that all the rules and regulations have been followed by the guests and to issue bills accurately and promptly
  6. To cash in every opportunity where the sales of the hotel can be maximized

In addition to the above responsibilities, he/she is also responsible for training and guiding the newly appointed staff members and make sure that he/she acts professionally while dealing with the guests. He/she makes sure that the guest rooms and the surrounding areas of the hotel are regularly cleaned and maintained and that all the premises of the hotel remain hygienic. He/she should keep himself/herself updated about the current policies and facilities that will be provided by the hotel to their guests. He/she makes sure that all the documents have been filled properly and that the check out procedures are performed in a friendly and cooperative manner and by adhering to the rules and regulations of the hotel.

Essential Skills

A guest service attendant should have strong communication skills and should have good listening skills as well. He/she should be able to remain cool and calm even under pressure situations and should have excellent customer handling skills, as he/she needs to deal with a diverse range of people. He/she should have multitasking ability and have an ability to comprehend and follow the given instructions. He/she should be cooperative and should be able to provide valuable help to the visitors. Strong sales and marketing skills will definitely prove to be an advantage. He/she should be physically fit as he/she needs to lift the luggage of the guests.

Educational Background

The individuals aspiring to take up a job as a guest service attendant should have completed high school diploma or should have completed a GED or equivalent qualification. Those with first aid, AED or CPR certification will definitely get preference. Previous experience in the hotel industry or those with customer service experience will get the job more easily.

Work Hours

Being in the service industry, a guest service attendant should be ready to work at flexible timings. He/she should be ready to work in the morning, evening, or even night shifts at times. Their work schedule may be hectic at times, sometimes requiring them to work extra on the weekends and holidays, especially during the peak holiday season.

Salary Details

The average salary for entry level guest attendants is $4 to $5 per hour. The experienced service attendant of guests can get a salary of $19 to $21 per hour. It is also dependent on the size and geographical location of the hotel and the relevant skills and academic background.

Career Prospects

Employment turnover is definitely going to increase as the hotel industry is booming. Those who are honest and do their work with complete integrity, dedication, and commitment can definitely look forward to a rewarding and lucrative career. Those with exceptional skills and demonstrated work experience can move up as managers.

Thus, if you want to reach greater heights, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should be able to handle the guest attendant responsibilities in a professional manner.

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