Hotel General Manager Job Description

The hotel general manager is a professional who is responsible for controlling the overall daily activities in a hotel. The level of hotel general manager responsibilities greatly varies depending on the size of the hotel he/she is working in. The success of any hotel is largely dependent on how effectively the hotel general manager responsibilities are carried out. The primary objective is to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the services rendered by the hotel staff and is content with the quality of food and the rooms that have been allotted.

Key Responsibilities of a Hotel General Manager

Effective management of a hotel generally includes inspecting the guest rooms for cleanliness, greeting the guests, delegating the workload, assisting in budget preparation, hiring and training new members, supervising the other assistant managers to ensure smooth flow of work, etc. The hotel general manager, thus, is responsible for the efficient administration and management of the hotel. Here are some details about the key responsibilities that need to be handled by a hotel general manager:

  1. To oversee the lodging facilities throughout the year, especially during the peak season.
  2. To assign duties to the workers, schedule their shifts, and monitor the workers' performance to ensure that they adhere to the company's rules and regulations.
  3. To plan special events, to confer and coordinate with the managers, and to plan and make arrangements for activities in the hotel.
  4. To communicate and convey the hotel's policies to the customers, answer their queries related to it, and to make sure that all the telephone calls and emails have been answered and directed appropriately.
  5. To get the best quality services from the outside vendors for repairing work, laundry, etc., and to make the relevant purchase of supplies.
  6. To greet and welcome the guests, ensure that they have been registered, convey the room and rent details, and assign the rooms that will best meet the expectations of the customer.

In addition to the above responsibilities, he/she is responsible for collection all the payments and to make the relevant records and entries in the computer or account books. He/she makes sure that all the payments are being processed speedily, thereby giving an idea as to how much revenue is being generated for the hotel. He/she handles and manages all the front desk operations.

If there is no adequate number of staff members, he/she hires, recruits, and trains the new staff members by judging their skills and appointing them in the positions that are vacant. He/she is responsible for preparing budgets, setting the business objectives for the hotel, and implementing strategies to achieve the same. He/she is the one who approves the requisitions for various materials, equipment, and supplies and negotiates with the contractors. He/she maintains professional and cordial relationship with the staff as well as the customers. He/she ensures that the staff members are motivated and rewarded for their performance, so that they are able to make the customer feel content, and that he/she gets the feeling of being at home.

Essential Skills

The individuals who are planning to establish themselves in the hospitality industry and those who are planning to take up the job of a hotel manager should have some of the below mentioned skills to ensure success:

Educational Background

The basic educational criterion is that an individual should have completed a two or a four year degree program or a formal training from some trade school, vocational or technical institute, or should have a relevant certification. However, a practical work experience in a hotel environment would definitely prove to be an advantage.

Work Schedule

The hotel manager may need to work for forty to forty five hours per week. However, he/she should be flexible to work extra in the evenings or sometimes even on the weekends, as the hotel is open round the clock. His/her work includes a lot of physical activity; hence, he/she should remain physically fit and active.

Salary Details

The salary package for a hotel manager varies in the range of $29,000 to $107,000. The salary offered differs according to the size of the hotel, kind of responsibilities one has been assigned, and the relevant skills and educational background.

Career Prospects

There are bright opportunities for individuals who are looking out to make a career in the hotel industry. Those with relevant academic background and the requisite skills are bound to reach new heights in their relevant career.

Therefore, to make a fast career advancement in the hospitality industry, it is vital that the hotel manager responsibilities should be carried out effectively and efficiently.

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