Healthcare Recruiter Responsibilities

Healthcare is a vast industry, and it involves loads of activities and functions to address the health and health care needs of all. This is made possible through the continuous contribution of innumerable people to maintain a healthy environment. The people who are associated with the health care industry include doctors, surgeons, nurses, coordinators, and managers to name a few. It is a crucial job to appoint or recruit a prospective individual who has an equivalent combination of knowledge, education, skills and proficiency to serve the community. Healthcare recruiter responsibilities are carried out with perfection to address such need of quality people. These professionals either may work for in-house facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, public health homes, or any other health administration organizations or some external employment agencies.

A healthcare recruiter is a human resource employee who helps in the process of recruitment of new employees in a healthcare facility. He/she is responsible to find the right candidate for the right position in healthcare jobs. A recruiter must have the qualities to understand each candidate's credentials and match it with the requirements of the respective job profile. He/she needs to assess a potential candidate resume, shortlist the right resume, and then proceed with the recruitment procedures through interview and other necessary steps.

Healthcare recruiters present the job opportunities to interested entry level candidates or experienced professionals. The main challenge of his/her job is to screen a number of resumes to find the most qualified one. An individual looking for a job as a health care recruiter will definitely make the right career choice, because the human resource management field will always have rising employment opportunities.

Key Responsibilities of a Healthcare Recruiter

Essential Skills

Educational Qualifications

The minimum educational qualification required to become a healthcare recruiter is a bachelor's degree in human resource, business administration, or the related fields. A master's degree or a diploma will add value to the specific position and certainly impress an employer. Certifications are voluntary, but having one will be beneficial. The certification programs require minimum education and experience criteria and are offered by centers like National Association for Health Care Recruitment and Certified Health Care Recruiter

Salary Structure

Healthcare recruiters receive an average salary of $89,000 per year, according to a survey in July 2012. Entry level recruiters receive a salary of $30000 to $45000 per year approximately. This position usually includes bonus and commissions based on the performance of the candidate. The earning potential of a healthcare recruiter varies to a great extent depending on the type and size of employer. Apart from this, the individual's combined skills, education and experience also matter a lot.

Work Condition

A healthcare recruiter works in an office set up for more than 45 hours per week. He/she may work during evenings or weekends as per work load, targets or on priority basis. Work may sometimes include field visits and travel.

Healthcare recruiter responsibilities require a positive attitude, patience and dedication to excel in this field of work. Due to the diversity in the healthcare job market, the number of employment opportunities is high. This position does not necessarily require healthcare experience for an entry level employee. But if you have, it is an advantage. An experienced candidate will require both health care and human resource specialization.

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