HR Job Responsibilities

Human resources i.e., HR responsibilities include a lot of formalities and conducting interviews, to state in brief. Human resources professionals are the persons responsible for selecting the candidates as employees in an organization.

People's Person

They are the actual people's persons in any organization. A lot depends on their behavior and way of interacting with the candidates and the employees as well. For the newcomers and other candidates coming for jobs the HR personnel is as good as the face of the company.

How HR Personnel Should Be

They are supposed to be warm and friendly people and are required to have certain personality traits like being good at judging people, well versed with body language, because they have to decide whether the candidate is trustworthy or not, whether the candidate is reliable or not, etc. He or she has to do this analysis in a short period of time.


The interviewing process is simply not the selection criteria of candidates. There are a lot many other things that the HR is supposed to do and ensure that the organization is investing in the right resource. After all, human resource is the biggest resource a company can have.

Employee background check is one of those other things. Checking authentication of the documents is another.


Inducting newcomers has both its negatives and positives. The positives being that they are trainable and can be trained in the way you want. They do not have any preconceived notions about working in a company and are open to learn.

The negatives involve things like they have to be trained in each and every possible thing. You cannot expect much when it comes to professionalism because they are just out of college. For these reasons the HR executives have to conduct induction sessions for each and every activity that happens in the organization.

Follow Up

One of the most important HR responsibilities is following up with candidates, employees, bankers, etc. They are supposed to be the representative of the employees when it comes to talking to their bankers and raising an issue to the senior management. They are also responsible for tracking the statuses of the administrative complaints given by the employees, etc.

Follow up sessions are also useful for giving feedback to the management about employees or some new system, etc. The HR is a connecting link between the employees and the employer.


Thinking of some management games or planning some activities and arranging materials for recreational purposes also lies in the hands of the HR personnel. This serves dual purpose. The management comes to know which employees have higher initiatives, which ones lie low, who have a creative side to them and according these resources could be used for the organization, etc. While at the same time everyone has a fun time together.


As far as the personality traits of HR professionals are concerned they need to be sincere and efficient. They have to take care of the banking accounts along with handling the various other issues of the employees.

Multitasking and good management skills are highly expected too. The professionals have to be well versed with the management policies and acquainted with the company requirements.

It is necessary to be in sync with the management when it comes to recruiting and at the same time he or she should ensure that injustice does not happen while recruiting candidates for a particular given designation.

These were some of the common HR responsibilities and there are different sectors where these professionals work in, for example, education sector, technical industries, research fields, etc. Find everything in the categories given on the side of this page for detailed information of their HR job profiles.

Here is the list of different types of HR job responsibilities:

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