Kitchen Manager Job Responsibilities

In big restaurants, the kitchens are quite large and they are stocked with all kinds of stuff like food, equipment, cutlery and many more. Therefore, kitchen managers are required to manage all of it; they also handle the staff in the kitchen. To know in detail about this profession, read the kitchen manager job description provided for your benefit.

The kitchen manager has to manage everything in the kitchen; man and machine. They have to keep a close watch on the pantry of the kitchen, and order stocks of food before they get over. They also have to check the quality of the ingredients, and keep an eye on for discounts from the vendors.

It is hard for the head chef to handle all the shifts in the kitchen; in this case, the kitchen manager is the one who manages all the shifts and leaves of the staff. They have to give their advice to the head chef regarding the menu of the restaurant. This is an added responsibility to the kitchen manager job description.

The manager is in charge of implementing safety standards set by the industry. The kitchen has multiple connections of gas, and fires happen quite a few times. The manager has to make sure the all the safety measures are in a place like the employees should know the fire drill in case of a fire, the smoke and fire alarms, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers etc.

The manager is also in charge of health and cleanliness, if these standards are not implemented, the restaurant can be closed for good. Hence, this task has to be done quite diligently. The kitchen manager does not only work in restaurants, any place that has a large kitchen like the pantry of a company, schools, colleges etc. All these places also require kitchen managers. The duties here are similar as the ones stated above, with just a few differences. More information on the kitchen manager job description is given below in detail.

Duties and responsibilities of Kitchen Manager

Education Required

Career Advancement

Kitchen managers can open up with their own restaurants owing to the experience they have gained, or they can find work in high end restaurants.

The kitchen manager job description is to manage everything about the kitchen. From people working in it to the high-tech equipment, the mangers have to look after each detail. This position was created to reduce the work load upon the head chef, who is the highest authority in the kitchen.

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