Manager Job Responsibilities

Responsibilities of managers vary a lot from organization to organization and the size of the company. The work profile depends on the industry and sectors too. Basically known for the administrative duties and managing departments, there are many other things which managers are required to perform.

Choosing a career is similar to choosing your second life. You spend the maximum time in office, be it business or an employment. It surely enables you to be independent and self sufficient but at the same time when selecting a career you should ensure you select the correct option. The decision should depend on your knowledge data instead of the opportunities that come your way. This is where we come into the picture.

We strive to give information on different job profiles, replete with necessary details on almost all the working industries present in the world and update the information regularly.

The below mentioned factors of performing duties are not limited to the job profile, in fact it is in most cases not even mentioned in the manager job description when one applies for this designation.

Managing the Teams

Helping the teams perform their respective duties and maintain communication between the different teams to bring harmony in work are the basic requirements of a manager in any given industry.

The manager is responsible for training the newcomers and as well as appointing new candidates as employees for different purposes in the organization. The standards of selection and work are set by the manager.


Procuring the resources for proper functioning and efficient working is one of the most important responsibilities of a manager. He or she is responsible for studying the reports by the team heads and other concerned authorities and arrange for resources.

People's Person

Manager is supposed to be friendly and have strong analytical skills for analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of people working with and under him or her. This helps in proper allotment of work and to know allotment of responsibilities. It is one of the designations in the hierarchy which can decide this crucial thing.

The person thus should be reliable and have a strong sense of integrity. He or she comes to know of various factors that can make for an amicable work atmosphere, provided it is used in the right sense.


It is extremely important for a manager to have a vision for the organization, have answers to questions like why, what, when and how. They are supposed to continually keep a tab and track the opportunities and threat for the company. It is difficult to lead until and unless you have qualities like having a vision, an analytical bent of mind, high levels of self motivation, ability to inspire and motivate others, etc.


Planning the course of work and adopting a befitting strategy for its successful completion is one of the major responsibilities of a manager. Quality check comes hand in hand with it and so does deciding the parameters on which this task should be carried out.


In any organization, be it small or big, various issues crop up, starting from the administrative ones to work related to loss of motivation in people. The manger is responsible for moral boost up as well as taking care of the technical problems. This does not mean that the manager should be well versed with each and everything even if it is not related to their domain, but it simply means that they should be resourceful enough to manage the issue.

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