Knowledge Manager Job Descriptions

Knowledge or information base has to be maintained in every organization and it needs to be managed in an effective manner so that every person has the required but at the same time confined access to the information. Knowledge managers are responsible for knowledge dissemination in an organization and make sure that knowledge is flowing efficiently throughout the organization.

A knowledge manager is solely responsible to make sure that every individual in the organization is aware about the happenings of the organization. The knowledge manager job description given here will help you understand the requirements and responsibilities of this job profile.

If one is looking for a knowledge manager job, he/she should be good at analytical and management skills. Knowledge managers are also responsible for interaction with the external clients and assisting them in accessing the knowledge management resources available with the company. Usually, bigger organizations have this position as they have a huge database and knowledge base to be managed. So, if you are looking for this position then you should aim bigger companies.

However, some smaller organizations that deal with any complex knowledge database may seek an expert knowledge manager to handle the responsibility of the knowledge management and develop knowledge management practices to be implemented within the organization. If you are looking forward to seek a manager position, then you may be interested to learn the key responsibilities of this profile.

Duties and Responsibilities of Knowledge Manager

Skills Required

Education Required

Knowledge managers should possess a bachelor's or master's degree in computer science, information technology, etc. Some individuals who do not possess degree in computer science but have knowledge of the software systems, hardware systems and encompass management skills can work as knowledge managers within a company. Graduate's degree in Computer Science coupled with master's degree in Business Management is a good combination to easily acquire a position as knowledge manger in reputed and big company.

Compensation Paid

Knowledge managers can earn up to $71,000 per annum. Their salary can be more or less than this depending upon various factors such as the companies' size, experience and qualification of an individual.

There is good scope of employment for individuals who are looking out for this position. Hope, the knowledge manager job description given above gave you an idea of this career profile and opportunities in this career.

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