General Manager Job Description

This is one of the biggest positions anyone can take up in an office. The term itself is self explanatory; they have to manage all the departments in an office. The general manager is the supreme authority in an office, and the only people who are above them are the certain members of the board like CEO, Chairman, etc. To know more about this coveted position, read the general manager job description we have provided for your understanding.

The general manager is in charge of all the daily work that takes place in the office, from sales to accounting, everything comes under their jurisdiction. Even though there are number of other junior officers that are working for them, it is the job of the general manager to make sure they are working well. Administration is the most important skill that is required for this job.

The manager has to keep a close watch on the daily working of the office. They have to look at each department individually. They get less time to make important decision; hence, they have to manage their time extremely well. With such an important post, the salary is of course extremely high. They even get stock options if that is the policy of the company and get other benefits like heath care, club memberships etc. However, the responsibility that comes with this is also great. Any legal problems the company might face have to be handled by the general manager. There have cases where they have had to face even jail time for the frauds committed in the company. Hence, it is not an easy job.

The general manager has to attend each meeting of the higher authorities and give them a progress report about the company. They also have to keep a close watch on the books of accounts. These are just a few of the many responsibilities that general managers take upon themselves. To know more, read the general manager job description.

Duties and responsibilities


Career Advancement

The general manager has the opportunity to move up in the highest managerial position. They are also part of the board of directors. They even are entitled to ownership shares.

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