Account Service Manager Responsibilities

Managers in any field have typical set of responsibilities. The account service manager responsibilities are no different but still, because of the account related field, there are some highlights. We will see them in the following sections:

The sphere of employment for account service manager covers a wide range of industries. For example, the retail sector has the highest demand for these professionals, the banking and insurance industry falls next in line, hospitality and tourism business too have openings and scope for account service managers.

About Account Service Manager Job Profile

This job profile in simple terms can be told as a mediator's job; the mediator or communicator between the clients and the management or manufacturer. They are called as customer liaisons.

Customer satisfaction is the main concern for account service manager job profile. They are the contact person for consumers, clients, etc. They are responsible for doing the following common things:

Statistics reveal that there will be a huge growth in this sector of hospitality. A good 25% of increase in the employment is expected for account service managers. The minimum percentage for growth in this sector is 12% which is in case of sales or service representatives. The different sectors that have been considered in this purview are the manufacturing units, wholesale markets, technical industries, etc. Career development can thus be planned accordingly.

Account Service Manager Work Profile

Training the Team

Allotting Staff

Making the best use of one's resources is the account service manager's responsibility. It includes:

Hiring and Retention Process


Account Service Manager Skills and Interests

An account service manager will climb up the stairs of professional career if he or she has a masters' degree in business administration. Many candidates get a chance to be in this designation with an associate or bachelors' degree in business management or marketing.

Other soft skills necessary for handling the account service manager responsibilities are the following:

Account Service Manager Salary

A newcomer in this field can earn around $25,200 per annum. The median remuneration of an account service manger according to the latest figures is around $40,000. The amount depends and varies according to the state one is working in but the average figure is reported to be $52,800.

These were the gist of account service manager responsibilities one needs to know if interested in being in this position. Look for statistical data as well if you plan to stay in this field for long, so that you can plan your future.

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