Apartment Manager Job Description

The apartment manager responsibilities are about managing an apartment complex. Apartment complexes are quite common in big cities. There are two different kinds of complexes; one is where people rent out the apartment and the other is where people buy the apartments. The duties differ a bit in each type of complex.

In apartment complexes where the apartments are given out on rent, the managers are the one who are responsible for the collection of rent. They also have to look into the problems the tenants are facing. The managers have to hire support staff for the complex as well. This support staff includes janitors, supers, electricians, plumbers, etc. Therefore, whenever there is a problem, the tenant only has to complain to the manager and the staff is sent immediately to fix the problem.

In a complex where people buy apartments, the managers have to ensure that there are no problems in the complex. Here too, they hire the support staff but there is no question of collecting rent as only the apartment owners reside there. The managers have to ensure the rules of the apartment complex are followed and that each apartment adheres to the health and safety codes decided by city officials.

The apartment managers are hired by the real estate companies who build the complexes. They have to report to the management if there are any significant issues. The apartment managers have a lot on their plate, especially, if there are many apartments in the complex. Read the apartment manager responsibilities that are given below in detail. We have also provided information on things like their average salary and educational requirements.

Apartment Manager Responsibilities in Detail

People for the Job

Apartment managers do not need any specific qualification or anything as such. However, a high school degree or a degree that holds the same value is required. Next, they require certification. One has to train and give a test for Certified Property Manager. Without this, one cannot get the position of an apartment manager. Some institutes also offer courses in property and apartment management.

Industry Prospects

Apartment complexes are quite common in urban areas and many people move to such places in search of jobs. Therefore, there are many complexes coming up on a daily basis and the complexes require apartment managers. The managers get a salary in between $16,430 - $54,559. They are also entitled to get a commission on apartment sales or for getting tenants. Most managers also get an apartment to stay in the building.

Tech Skills

Some basic computer skills are required as there is not much use for technology in this position. However, they do need to send out emails or printout rent receipts, etc. Some basic knowledge is definitely required. They do need to be up-to-date on the city laws regarding apartments.

Job Conditions

The apartment managers are either in their apartment or in the office at all times. Therefore, they have to be ready all the time as the tenants or residents can approach them with issues at anytime.

The apartment manager responsibilities are to ensure that residents and tenants have a good stay in the apartment complex and they face to issues.

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