Assistant Category Manager Responsibilities

Category management is a process that involves managing product categories as business units and customizing them to meet the customer needs. It involves retail sales and supply in which the range of products purchased by the business organization or sold by a retailer is split into distinct groups of similar products, which share common traits known as product categories. It is the strategic management of product groups to help in scaling of profit index in the interest of the organization as well to satisfy the consumers. We have provided you here in detail about the Assistant Category Manager responsibilities, skills and educational criteria required to cover in order to qualify for the position you are yearning for.

Who is an Assistant Category Manager?

Before you get to into the Assistant Category Manager responsibilities, let us comprehend who is an Assistant Category Manager? An assistant category manager is a professional in services of the category manager who manages the category of products and uses his strategic skills in marketing and sales to scale the profit index. He is e entitled to work in collaboration of sales department and the other working staff to ensure to attain the business goals and provide customer satisfaction in terms of quality service.

The assistant category manager responsibilities would revolve around the managing and devising ways to work on categories in the profitable interest of the organization. The category manager will define the category with his approval, the assistant will perform the duty to include / exclude the products to that particular category. His role will constitute to include the category within the retailer. He will watch over the performance of the workers in the team and record the business sales and report it to the manager. After getting a positive response from the customer make an outline of list of objectives and targets for the categories.

Ascertain the goals and chalk a constructive plan along the strategy. He will target the potential customers. Devise specific procedures to achieve the business targets, finally implement those strategies to boost the sales index. He will maintain the statistic report of the sales record and notify it to the manager. He will discuss with the manager to devise ways and means to come up with new tactics to win over the customers and thereby retain the older ones through strategic management of product groups through trade partnerships and maximize sales and profits.

Skills required as an Assistant Category Manager

Having discussed about the Assistant Category Manager responsibilities, we will discuss the skills required to be a successful Assistant Category Manager:

As this is a managerial position, skills would include strategic management coupled with effective planning. The professional has to be proficient in communication skills to maintain a good rapport with the various departments and immediate manager in the profitable interests of the organization. Have all round knowledge about marketing and sales. He must have in depth knowledge about the process industry standard model for category management. Must possess an eye for details to understand the customer requirements and try to build a comprehensive strategy to design them to provide significant results. In addition to this to carry out all the relative duties, he must have strong organizational, analytical and strategic skills to match your personality.

Educational Criteria required for the position of Assistant Category Manager

An assistant category manager should have relevant Bachelor's degree in business administration with specialization in marketing and retail. Desirable would be a recognized certification as a certified professional category manager (CPCM).

Career Scope in Assistant Category Manager

With the spurt of businesses, the position demands quality services. The business organization has now acknowledged the need to have an efficient Assistant Category Manager and will surely fetch you a rewarding career in future.

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