Assistant Community Manager Responsibilities

The responsibilities of an assistant community manager are concentrated in the real estate industry. Assistant community managers are in-charge of various activities related to the management of a township or a residential apartment in a city.

Once a township is developed and launched for the public, the houses or apartments need to be rented out to the prospective tenants. The assistant community manager seeks out for the tenants by posting advertisements in newspapers and through his network. He also communicates the terms and conditions with the prospective tenants and resolves any problems faced by the residents of the township or apartment.

He is also involved in the administrative tasks of a real estate agency. He has to prepare budgets for new constructions, communicate material requirements with the vendors, inspection of existing constructions, take up the repair and maintenance of apartments, renewal of lease agreements, etc.

Customer retention and training of new staff are an integral part of the assistant community manager responsibilities. He has to verify the documents and proofs provided by the tenants for lease. He also collects the rent from tenants and deposits it in the bank account of the organization.

The most common and important duties and responsibilities of an assistant community manager include:

Other responsibilities can be assigned on a non-routine basis to an assistant community manager.

Skills of an Assistant Community Manager

A successful assistant community manager is one who is excellent in customer service, negotiation, leadership, resource management, problem solving, and multitasking. Assistant community manager is expected to implement his knowledge and expertise to contribute in the growth of the organization he works for.

Assistant community manager is also expected to have strong knowledge of using accounting applications, internet, MS Office Suite, and other business applications deemed necessary by a real estate agency.

Becoming an Assistant Community Manager

High school education is a basic requirement to work in this profession. If you have completed a bachelor's degree in business management, marketing, finance or any other course, it will be an added advantage. Prior experience of working with a real estate agency also serves as a platform to learn the business practices adopted in this industry.

Career Scope

Assistant community managers can earn an average salary of $65,000 annually. Many assistant community managers choose to work and grow in real estate industry, while others move to different industries once they gain enough experience of working in managerial position.

Assistant community manager responsibilities explain the job nature and the qualifications needed for this job. Working in this position will give you a better insight about the real estate industry and you can also progress to higher positions in future.

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