Assistant Service Manager Job Description

Assistant service manager responsibilities can be defined as a set of activities that are aimed at fulfilling the requirements of the clients. Any organization can succeed only if the clients are satisfied with the services it offers. Proper service delivery becomes a priority due to the increasing competition in the market today and this goal is achieved through the efforts of assistant service managers.

An assistant service manager is in-charge of handling client requests for purchase, upgrades or modification in any existing product or service they are using. Every organization appoints an assistant service manager who coordinates with the senior manager and customer service staff to deliver prompt services to the clients.

They keeps a track of the service requests and complaints of the clients. He has to instruct the staff if they face any problem while resolving client queries and also communicate with the irate clients to retain them. He must ensure that all the requests are processed promptly and none are kept pending.

Assistant service manager is also responsible for executing various administrative tasks in the organization. He must participate in the recruitment process to identify talented candidates for the organization. He also checks whether the necessary records are maintained on a timely basis.

A detailed description of the assistant service manager responsibilities will further explain the tasks assigned to these individuals:

Assistant Service Manager Responsibilities

Skills Required

An assistant service manager must possess excellent customer service and organizational skills. He should be able to meet the organizational requirements in delivering services which ensure client satisfaction. He must be attentive to detail, patient, confident and an excellent leader. Proficiency in various enterprise applications is also mandatory to prepare and update records of the operations.

Becoming an Assistant Service Manager

To get selected for the position of assistant service manager, you need a minimum of a bachelor's degree in business management or a relevant field which will give you an insight into the importance of customer service management for businesses. Experience of working as a customer service executive or an equivalent position is an added advantage if you are planning to apply for the position of assistant service manager.

Career Scope

Assistant service managers are paid an annual salary of $71,000 on an average. Additional benefits such as travel allowance, incentives, medical insurance, etc., are offered by different organizations, though some organizations may offer other allowances too. You will be promoted to a higher position only if you complete a substantial period in an organization, or if you apply in another organization after working for a couple of years in this position.

Assistant service manager responsibilities are very important for any organization because without keeping the clients satisfied, survival in the competition is next to impossible.

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