Associate Brand Manager Responsibilities

A brand manager is assisted by various personnel. One of them is the associate brand manager. The associate brand manager responsibilities, in short, can be defined as a set of tasks aimed in the development of effective brand management solution in close coordination with the fellow staff in the brand management team.

Brand management is all about placing and establishing a brand in such a way that it becomes easy for the customers to identify a specific brand and its products or services amongst similar products and services. Whether it be a new product or altogether a new brand, it becomes necessary to streamline the production process and supply chain in order to facilitate availability of the product in the market.

Of course, it is the brand manager who gives a final nod for all brand management activities, the associate brand manager holds equally important position albeit with lesser authority. He performs a detailed research and identifies the market trends and preferences of the target consumers. He assists in all the phases of product development, product planning, pricing, advertising, promotions, etc. The associate brand manager works with almost every department in the organization and has to report all the activities and results to the brand manager. He has to continuously look after brand performance to make necessary changes in the branding strategies.

Given below is a description of the associate brand manager responsibilities. It will help you understand this job better and also familiarize you with the employers expectations from a candidate applying for this job.

Define Branding Objectives

Analyzing and defining the requirements of brand management is critical before going further with this process. The associate brand manager helps to identify whether all the products or brands of an umbrella organization need branding, and if yes, then it becomes necessary to review the old branding strategy to revise and make modifications.

Selecting Appropriate Media Channels

Advertising and promotions are the most effective tools in brand management. The associate brand manager helps in selecting the most appropriate media channel for advertising and promotional campaigns by analyzing the reach of each media channel and the reach of past campaigns for the brand.

Revising Packing and Packaging

Of all the steps taken for brand management, the packing and packaging of products plays a vital role. The associate brand manager here helps to make the products more attractive by providing new designs for packing and packaging in order to distinguish the brand from others. For instance, using a different color scheme, container size, logo, etc., to give a distinct identity to the product.

Selecting Distribution Channels

It is very important to make the products reach the consumers at the right time. This is made possible by selecting the most efficient and reliable distribution channels, a task performed by the associate brand manager.

Skills of an Associate Brand Manager

To deliver excellent results while working in this position, an individual must be skilled in project management. He should have a positive and confident attitude and ability to work under stress to fulfill brand management activities in time. He should have extensive knowledge of market research and other concepts of branding and marketing goods.

Becoming an Associate Brand Manager

A bachelor's or master's degree in a business related course and a proven track record of working in marketing or sales department will definitely work in your favor as you apply for this job.

Career Scope for Associate Brand Manager

While working in this position, you can easily earn around $50,000 to $65,000 annually. Demand for skilled brand management professionals is increasing due to an ever increasing competition in the market that has led the organizations in adapting brand management as an integral part of business modeling.

The most important associate brand manager responsibilities have been included in the description above. However, some additional responsibilities can be assigned to you as and when needed.

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