Associate Category Manager Responsibilities

Retail store and departmental stores have been in business for a very long time. The concept of selling various products under the same roof resulted in the concept of category management. Category management can be defined as the segregating and arranging similar goods in the store for the ease of customers. Here, the associate category manager responsibilities play a vital role in the segregation of goods for a specific store.

Associate category managers are employed in all the stores where multiple products falling under the same category are sold. For example, in a retail store there can be various cosmetic products manufactured by different companies. Every customer walking into the store has his/her own preferences. Therefore, these products need to be arranged and put on display in close proximity so that the customer can easily find the product of his choice.

While it may seem that only segregating is the job an associate category manager does; his duties are far more diverse. He has to constantly monitor the market trends and competition to find out highest selling products. Based on this study, he arranges for the supply of the same by placing orders to the vendors or arranging the products from the warehouse. The application of category management concepts is very important in attracting customers and the associate category manager must fulfill this objective by providing the best category management solutions for the store.

After you read the description of associate category manager responsibilities, you will be able to understand all you want to know about this job.

Key Responsibilities of Associate Category Manager

Compiling Statistics through Market Research

The associate category manager compiles the information regarding the market trends for a range of products or for all the products sold in the store. He then discusses these trends with the store manager and category manager to work further for category management for the store.

Ordering Suppliers

The associate category manager places orders to the suppliers regarding the requirements of products for the store and also for storing in the warehouse.

Setting Categories and Assigning Products

The associate category manager helps in setting up different categories and selecting products for each category to be showcased and sold in the store.

Defining Sales Targets

After studying the past sales records, the associate category manager helps in defining sales targets for all categories of products sold at the store.

Pricing and Promotions

The associate category manager helps in pricing the products and developing promotional offers to increase sales of a particular category of products or for all the products sold at the store.

Skills of an Associate Category Manager

To work optimally in the position of associate category manager, an individual must be competent in market research and marketing. He should know how to ensure maximum reach of products to the consumers through effective category management procedures.

An associate category manager must possess outstanding ability of multitasking and logical reasoning in order to get things done at the right pace. He should be able to work with the merchandising, advertising and other staff in the store through effective coordination.

Becoming an Associate Category Manager

To work in the position of associate category manager, a candidate must be qualified with a bachelor's or master's degree in retail management, marketing, or a business related course and should be experienced in working in the retail environment.

Career Scope

An associate category manager is entitled to an annual compensation that ranges from $48,000 to $75,000 which may or may not include additional benefits such as insurance, bonuses and other allowances.

Associate category manager responsibilities begin with the identification of requirements for the store and end in analyzing the effectiveness of the category management solutions by going through the sales records and profits of the store for a given period.

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