Associate Marketing Manager Responsibilities

Marketing is the most sought after career option especially by the youngsters as it is the most lucrative career option and offers excellent career growth. If you perform well and gain enough marketing experience at the entry level you will definitely have good chances of getting promoted as an associate marketing manager. So before you take on this role make sure you first understand the associate marketing manager responsibilities.

Key Responsibilities of Associate Marketing Manager

The associate marketing manager assists the marketing manager in the analysis, planning, designing, innovating, developing and applying the marketing techniques in a practical way to ensure product development. This in turn will ensure greater profits for the organization. Here are some of the key responsibilities that need to be handled by an associate marketing manager:

  1. He should work in close association with the marketing department to plan, develop and execute innovative marketing strategies in order to establish the product of the company
  2. Before he implements the strategies he should ensure that he has done a detailed research of the market and the changing trends of the customer's taste
  3. He should keep himself abreast with the knowledge of his competitors and their marketing strategies
  4. He should support the marketing team and develop good relationship with other departments as well as clients in order to achieve the objectives of the organization thereby generating more revenue
  5. He should create, prepare and design different promotional fliers, posters and be actively involved in the marketing campaigns
  6. He should keep a close eye on the feedback received from his subordinates and carefully study and analyze those details

Apart from these responsibilities, he is also actively involved in several other duties which are as follows:

Essential Skills of an Associate Marketing Manager

Besides having a passion to market a diverse range of products you should have some of the following essential skills to come out as a winner:

  1. Should exhibit exceptional communication skills to develop strong professional relationship with the team members as well as the clients
  2. He should possess thorough knowledge of the organization's products as well as that of the competitors
  3. He should be aggressive to stay ahead of others in the market
  4. He should implement new strategies and constantly upgrade on the marketing techniques for the new and the old products
  5. He should have multitasking ability and should be able to handle multiple projects and complete them on the given deadline
  6. He should have a business acumen, good researching skills and should be well-versed with the computers

Educational Requirements of an Associate Marketing Manager

If you really wish to pursue a career in marketing to get the right opportunity you should have the requisite educational qualifications. A bachelor's or master's degree in marketing or business administration is sufficient to get an entry into this field. Relevant experience in a similar profile or an internship will prove to be beneficial.

Work Hours for an Associate Marketing Manager

Apart from the normal eight hour work schedule associate marketing manager may sometimes be required to work for extended hours. Occasionally he may be required to travel.

Salary Details of an Associate Marketing Manager

There is an increasing demand for marketing professional and the salary offered is highly competitive and lucrative. It will definitely be satisfying if you have the relevant experience.

Career Advancement for an Associate Marketing Manager

Associate marketing manager can be promoted to the post of a marketing manager if he demonstrates a successful track of handling the responsibilities assigned to him.

After getting the detailed information of associate marketing manager responsibilities you can handle this role more efficiently and effectively.

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