Associate Product Manager Responsibilities

There is a staggering competition in every industry and it is very difficult for a company to establish and stabilize a company's product. This is where the product manager comes into action. The associate product manager responsibilities include the development, marketing and launching the product to achieve maximum profits for an organization.

Associate product manager plays a crucial role in the success of any product. He has to handle the following key responsibilities as an associate product manager:

Key Responsibilities of an Associate Product Manager

  1. Research work: An associate product manager should make sure that he performs a detailed market research in order to understand and analyze the needs of the customers. Research is also required to get a detailed knowledge of the competitors

  2. Management work: He should manage innovation products right from its inception stage. He should develop and implement new strategies to get a strong hold in the market. He should be actively involved in the advertising and promotional campaigns. He should be able to manage excellent professional relationships with the clients of the company

  3. Analysis work: He should study the market trends and should be able to analyze the customers needs based on the post sales results of the products

Apart from these basic duties he needs to constantly evolve new techniques and strategies to market the new products as well as try to increase the sales figures for the older products. He should actively monitor and report the performance of the product to the product manager.

He also keeps an updated knowledge on the current trends by reviewing the professional publications. A associate product manager is expected to attend the meetings to keep informed on the quality and sales of the product. He can also suggest to make some recommendations if the customers' feedback about a particular product is not positive.

Essential Skills Required by an Associate Product Manager

The skills that will help you to build a successful associate product manager career are as follows:

Moreover, he should be proficient in computers so that he can study and analyze the researched data and other relevant information. He should also have excellent interpersonal communication skills and should be a good team player.

He should be able to develop and innovate new ideas to ensure the growth and stability of the product. He should have a drive to constantly improve the productivity, quality but at the same time make the product cost effective thus increasing the profit margins for an organization.

Educational Qualification Required

A bachelor's degree is sufficient to get a job for the post of an associate product manager. A relevant experience in similar profile would only increase your chances of getting your dream job.

Salary for an Associate Product Manager

The salary generally varies from one organization to another and heavily depends on the kind of industry the person is working in. It is dependent on the relevant experience and the academic qualification as well.

Working Hours

The work hours are standard and do not extend beyond forty to forty five hours per week. He may be required to work for extra hours if there are some meetings, conference, product launch or some product presentation.

Career Scope

The associate product manager responsibilities need to be handled with great efficiency. If you pass out successfully through this phase you can definitely climb up the ladder of success and be promoted as a product manager.

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