Associate Production Manager Responsibilities

A lot of effort goes into the development of a particular product. It gives immense pleasure to see a product progress from a baby stage to the level of recognition in the market. This is a process which includes a lot of steps to reach to that level. The associate production manager forms an important part of this process. The associate production manager is found in several industries like chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial, films, etc. Depending on the type of industry where they are placed the associate production manager responsibilities differ.

Key Responsibilities of an Associate Production Manager

The key responsibilities of an associate production manager is mainly to assist the production manager with his routine production related activities. For better understanding here is a generalized list of the key associate production manager responsibilities:

  1. He should ensure smooth flow of work in the absence of the production manager
  2. He should keep a track record of the project estimates and see that the project is completed on the given deadline and within the stipulated budget
  3. He needs to check and stock the material and various other tools and equipments that may be needed during the production
  4. He should co-ordinate with the team members and try to resolve if there are any issues which may lead to delay in the work
  5. He should make sure that the production work is proceeding as per the schedule
  6. He should maintain clear and accurate data and information related to the production

He also performs a variety of other duties which are as under:

Essential Skill Set Required by an Associate Production Manager

To ensure the success as an associate production manager you need to have at least some of the skills mentioned below:

  1. Excellent communication skills to help in understanding the client requirements and the production members issues. These also play an important role in developing a rapport with the production team to facilitate better quality of production
  2. Excellent time management and organizational skills
  3. Exceptional supervisory and leadership skills
  4. Ability to manage conflicting interests
  5. Ability to prioritize work as per the requirement
  6. Passion to work in production department

Educational Details for an Associate Production Manager

Associate product managers generally should possess a bachelor's degree in the relevant field. A specialization in management and administration would serve to be an additional advantage. An experience in similar field will help you to achieve your dream job.

Work Schedule

If a person is working in an industry oriented background the work hours would normally not go beyond forty hours. If a person is working as an associate production manager in films the work hours are going to be erratic and irregular. He may be required to work for long hours if there are any meetings or seminars or any kind of presentation that needs to be done relevant to his work.

Salary for an Associate Production Manager

The salary for an associate production manager normally depends on the number of years of experience and the educational background. It varies according to the size and type of the industry where he is working.

Career Scope for an Associate Production Manager

There are bright career opportunities for a person who has handled the associate production manager responsibilities successfully. They can be assured to be promoted as production managers.

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