Associate Sourcing Manager Responsibilities

Associate sourcing manager assists the sourcing manager in performing his daily activities. The associate sourcing manager responsibilities include determining the requirements, disposing the surplus material, negotiating the costs and reviewing the contracts to get the best possible deals that are of highest quality but are cost effective.

Key Responsibilities of Associate Sourcing Manager

The associate sourcing manager assists in the planning, development and implementation of different strategies to purchase the products that are low in cost but are of highest quality. Let us see in detail the key responsibilities that need to be handled by an associate sourcing manager:

  1. He should constantly keep a close eye on the market trends to identify the emerging opportunities
  2. He should plan and implement strategies that will benefit the organization, prepare orders and requisitions for the material that needs to purchased
  3. He should identify and take action to make the purchase of material, goods that are focused on providing better quality and reduce the cost
  4. He should monitor the variances in the budget to ensure that the purchases are made within the specified budget standards
  5. He should develop negotiating techniques to renew the existing contracts
  6. He should define the sourcing recommendations that will help in achieving the business goals and objectives

In addition to the above responsibilities he also performs several other important duties which are as under:

Essential Skills

An associate sourcing manager should be able to research, have a good business acumen and forecast the future needs. He should be able to identify new resources and should be able to negotiate the best possible deal without compromising on the quality of services or goods. He should be able to interpret the contract procedures and should be able to take a decision that is practical and effective keeping in mind the goals of the organization. He should have excellent communication skills with a persuasive ability. A deep understanding of the various sourcing and procurement procedures is a must. Besides he should be proficient in using computers and have excellent project management skills. He should have a strong ability to maintain good professional relationship and possess excellent supervisory skills.

Educational Requirements

A bachelor's degree or master's in business administration is the minimum requirement to qualify for the post of an associate sourcing manager. A relevant work experience or an internship in a similar field would prove to be of great help in getting the desired job.

Work Hours and Salary Details

He works in a normal office environment with work hours lasting up to forty to forty five hours per week. Most often they are seen working even during the evenings and weekends to attend special meetings or conferences. He may need to extend his hours whenever there is requirement during the peak season.

The salary is dependent on the type and size of the organization he is employed in. It also varies depending on the kind of experience and academic qualifications they have.

Career Prospects

The career prospects are really bright and advancement opportunities are available in senior positions like sourcing managers or may enter into other relevant fields which require him to handle additional responsibilities.

An elaborate explanation of the associate sourcing manager responsibilities will help you to guide you on the role and its importance before you apply for that post.

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