Automotive Sales Manager Job Description

The automotive sales manager responsibilities are about making sales of the car or other such commercial vehicles. They are the head of the sales team and they guide them on how to make sales. Without sales, there will be no profits and hence, there will be no business.

The importance of auto sales manager can never be undermined in the auto industry. The auto industry is an important part of the economy in both developed and developing countries. They also provide jobs to thousands of people.

The auto sales managers are the main people who have to carefully look at all the sales strategies of the company. They have to sit with the employees of the departments and have to keep coming up with innovative sales methods. One such method is of creating a chain of car dealers.

They have to review in which areas and cities they have scope of improving sales. In such potentially good areas, they have to set up dealerships or join hands with existing car dealers. This is how the the automotive sales managers set up a distribution model.

The auto sales managers are also past of the advertising team. The advertising head of the company will consult with them on the kind of advertising exposure any particular car or car product would require. This will help the advertising head in making their decision and the car would get the proper exposure, thus increasing sales.

The auto sales managers have to conduct a lot of research and derive figures of expected sales. Any small mistake here would mean losses for the company. Therefore, auto sales managers carry a lot responsibility.

We have many more their duties that will help you understand about this profession. We have other additional information as well that will prove to be useful.

Automotive Sales Manager Responsibilities in Detail

People for the Job

Auto sales managers need to get many years of experience to reach at this position. This position is quite coveted and no matter how educated one person might be, they will require experience for this position. A degree in business administration along with specialization in sales is the degree that will be most considered. However, many years experience in auto sales is probably the biggest plus for any person interested in this profession.

Industry Prospects

Auto sales have declined considerably because of a poor economy. Despite this fact, companies are looking for people who will increase sales and they do not mind shelling out a hefty salary for a good auto sales manager. The sales manager is part of the senior administration and they get the best of the all the benefits the top brass gets. Despite a sluggish economy, the auto sales managers get a yearly average salary in between $30,584 - $90,577.

Tech Skills

The auto sales managers have to make use of technology all the time. Technology is an integral part of automotive and the sales manager is supposed to know about vehicles in a lot of detail. Therefore, they should know about it. Analyzing is also a part of their job and hence, they have to review the technology of the car and give a feedback to the tech team. Therefore, an automotive sales manager should be in tune will all the latest technology.

Job Conditions

The automotive sales manager are constantly meeting with their juniors and making strategies about sales. They also have to visit other cities and set up dealerships or tie-ups with other established car dealers. They do get their own offices and they also get the services of an assistant. Traveling and meeting with people is a huge part of their daily duties.

The automotive sales managers responsibilities keep them busy throughout the day, but they also make them an integral part in the whole business structure.

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