Bakery Manager Responsibilities

When people go to a bakery, they expect that the bakery should sell high quality products and staff provides prompt service. This is vital in maintaining the goodwill of the bakery and earning profits. It is the responsibility of a bakery manager to handle the staff and operations of a bakery. Being the manager, he is answerable for the sales and profits of the bakery and all the activities of the staff as well.

In a bakery, many activities go hand in hand. There are staff who are involved in baking dough, while others prepare coffee and other refreshments for the guests. One of the staff members handles the cash counter, while another takes charge of purchasing the kitchen supplies. Here, the bakery manager supervises all the departments and ensures that a proper coordination is maintained in order to facilitate proper service delivery.

A bakery manager is required to keep a tab on the quality of materials purchased and baked. He decides the layout of the showcase and the products to be put on the display. He has to go through the daily sales report and calculate profit or loss before sending the reports to the authorities. The bakery manager also handles the queries and complaints of the customers and provide resolutions to avoid any inconvenience.

The overall productivity of a bakery is solely dependent on the mutual efforts of the staff. Thus a bakery manager is expected to assist the staff in every possible manner and motivate them to achieve excellency in work.

Duties and responsibilities of a bakery manager are given below for your information.

Responsibilities of a Bakery Manager

Operations Management

A bakery manager has to keep a check on all the departments and staff in order to achieve the targets of the bakery. He has to ensure that there are no loopholes in any of the departments and the staff are able to mingle with each other to achieve desired outcome.

Quality Control

A bakery manager checks the quality of raw materials purchased and the products of the bakery as well. He replaces inferior quality materials and products to avoid any inconvenience to the customers that may ultimately put a bad mark on the bakery's reputation.

Recruitment and Training

A bakery manager scrutinizes the job applications and conducts interview and tests. Upon qualifying these rounds, he finalizes the appointment of the candidates and the shift in which they would be working in. He also conducts orientation and training session for the new staff.

Customer Service

A bakery manager goes interacts with the customers to understand their queries or problems. This problem can be caused due to inefficiency of a staff member, wrong billing or orders, or misplaced orders. The bakery manager has to take immediate action to resolve the problem and apologize while assuring the customer that he won't be facing a problem in the future.

Skills of a Bakery Manager

A bakery manager is required to be:

Becoming a Bakery Manager

Individuals who are experienced of working in an administrative position in bakery or retail store are eligible to apply for this job. There are no specific educational requirements for this job, although a high school diploma is expected.

Career Scope for a Bakery Manager

Average salary for a bakery manager is around $43,000. Salaries vary largely depending on the geographical location and the size of the bakery as well. Additional allowances and benefits vary with each organization.

Bakery manager responsibilities open the door to a job in an industry where you can employ your customer service and operations management skills to their optimum use.

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