Box Office Manager Responsibilities

Box office is the place where tickets for a film, sports event, theater performance or any other show are sold. Although this box office is a very small unit of the venue, the employees working here have to be very prompt and handle all the guests efficiently while providing the tickets and information about the event as well. The role of a box office manager is to supervise the box office operations smoothly so that the guests are able to enjoy the event and organizers can earn profit.

A box office manager meets the event organizers to understand about the show. He orders printing of tickets and the rates according to the event requirements and expected audience. He has to instruct the marketing department in reaching out to the publics and maximizing sales to earn more profits. The box office manager meets and hands out VIP passes to celebrities and other public figures.

A box office manager helps the staff in maintaining database of the visitors at the event and to contact them for future events. He communicates with the irate visitors and provides alternative arrangements if they are unsatisfied. The box office manager has to prepare and maintain sales reports and analyze profits generated from the event.

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The box office manager helps in fixing the price of the tickets according to type of the event. For example, the prices of tickets during a sports tournament will be different from a musical event owing to the difference in the audience. The box office manager can reduce the price of the tickets if sales are low.

Ticket Delivery

A box office manager has to make arrangements for the delivery of tickets for bulk orders or for people residing in other cities or state. He has to communicate with the buyers and inform them about the delivery status and confirm whether they have received the tickets on scheduled date.

Instructing Marketing Staff

The box office manager has to instruct the marketing staff in adopting a tactful strategy and reaching out to the right audiences for sales. The box office manager may himself contact and meet VIP or High Net Worth Individuals (HNI) guests to inform them about the event and deliver tickets in person.

Resolving Conflicts

The box office manager is answerable for all the operations. He is required to resolve any discrepancies and help the staff in conducting their duties so that the visitors are able to avail the services and enjoy the event.


The box office manager prepares cash reports and calculates the profit or loss for an event. He also prepares other reports such as performance evaluation reports and sends it to the authorities for further review.

Skills of a Box Office Manager

A box office manager should be:

Becoming a Box Office Manager

Individuals with a high school diploma or a degree with some experience of working in an event management firm or a similar setting are eligible to apply for this position. Experience, however, is not a prerequisite if you can convince the employer of your competency.

Career Scope for a Box Office Manager

Average salary for a box office manager is $49,000. It might differ with state, size of the firm and the type of events organized by employing firm.

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