Business Administration Manager Responsibilities

The goal of every business organization is not just limited to earning revenues and expanding its operations. They need to maintain high standards in every process and serve the clients, employees and the community equally. A business administration manager is responsible for handling all these and many other responsibilities.

The work of a business administration manager begins with planning. This planning is not just limited to the business expansion or sales. He is equally involved in planning the operations of all the departments and defining target output based on the number of staff members in each department. He has to identify the manpower requirements and discuss it with the HR department to conduct the hiring process. Alternately, he may recommend internal job postings for senior positions.

He leads all the departments while ensuring active participation of departmental staff by communicating with the staff, identifying the challenges they are facing, and helping them in overcoming a situation without hampering their work. He has to keep the administration and other departments updated with the business operations and current status of projects undertaken by the company.

The responsibilities given below explain as to how the business administration manager leads the business operations in the right direction to achieve company's goals, both in terms of revenue and goodwill.

Common Responsibilities of a Business Administration Manager


Planing the business operations and all the administration processes critical to meet the organizational requirements is one of the important responsibility in this job. The incumbent prepares the schedule for all the operations and ensures that the staff follow the schedule to obtain the desired results on time.

Consulting The person holding this job designation has to consult the departmental heads, staff, and the authorities and provide suggestions to improve the efficiency of a particular process or operation.

Maintaining Communication with Clients/Vendors/External Public

This job position is responsible for maintaining open communication between clients, vendors, staff, and the public. The office bearer has to act as a source of information for those concerned with the progress and survival of the company. He has to represent the company during events such as exhibitions or press conferences, and meet clients and vendors on a regular basis.

Business Expansion

Contributing to the company's business expansion is necessary in this job. For this, the incumbent has to research and recommend how the company can improve the product or service quality, and how it can expand its business. He may visit new regions and meet prospective retailers or clients, and discuss expansion plans.

Reporting Submitting report of daily business operations to the top-level management is the responsibility of this job profile. To submit the report, the person needs to take performance details from all the departments and submit a summarized report to the higher authority.

Skills of a Business Administration Manager

Since this is a managerial position with great responsibilities, an ideal candidate needs to hold the following skills:

Qualifications and Certifications

A bachelor's degree with specialization in business administration is required by most of the companies. However, it is not mandatory to have a degree to become eligible for this job. Individuals who have completed high school diploma and have worked in the administrative department for years can also apply for the job. However, such candidates need to convince the employers that if a degree is not with them, they have skills and experience that can see them do the job well.

Job Outlook

Employment opportunities for business administration service managers is likely to grow by 10% from 2016 to 2026. So being prepared to handle a wide range of responsibilities and help the company in achieving its gaols is key to get the job.

The responsibilities provided above are for your reference only. It is obvious that every organization will have its own set of responsibilities for the person working in this job position. If you're looking for the job, take the help of business administration manager resume samples given on our site. The resume samples are written for all business verticals.

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