E-commerce Manager Responsibilities

The e-commerce manager generally supervises the electrical commerce department of an organization or a company. Creating, managing and maintaining of the company's website are other important job duties to be performed by the e-commerce manager. They are also responsible for undertaking various developmental plans that would help in increasing the product sales and services on the e-commerce platform. Along with planing and maintenance, the e-commerce manager must also possess ample knowledge of business-to-consumer, business-to-business, or consumer-to-consumer transactions.

The e-commerce manager should be an expert in both technical as well as business related aspects to effectively carry out the company's electronic commerce department. The job position of an e-commerce manager is a highly responsible one with lots of responsibilities and duties. The e-commerce manager carries out several duties from supervision to taking highly complicated decisions. Thus, he or she must be highly qualified with relevant professional experience of electronic commerce.

The job of an e-commerce manager maybe highly stressful with long and irregular working hours. Apart from this, they must also be in touch with the regular changes taking place in the e-commerce technology. Analyzing and conducting detailed research is another important job duty of an e-commerce manager. He must constantly be in touch with the daily updates and requirements of the customers. The e-commerce manager is also responsible for interacting with the clients on a periodic basis and solve their issues efficiently. Demonstrating procedures and presentations to the client as well as higher authorities is another important job responsibility of an e-commerce manager.

The e-commerce manager also takes part in the recruitment process of the technical staff as well as the e-commerce marketing managers and marketing analysts. The job of an e-commerce manager requires high dedication and expert skills. The candidates looking forward to plan a career in this field must be aware of the educational qualifications, key skills, and e-commerce manager responsibilities. The below given information about the e-commerce manager educational qualification, key skill, job responsibilities, and salary will definitely help you in understanding this job profile.

Educational Qualification of an E-commerce Manager

The e-commerce manager must be a well qualified candidate with at least a bachelor's degree in business, marketing, or a technical field. The e-commerce manager is not an entry post to get and the candidates need to work his or her way up to this post by working as a marketing analyst, forecaster, or other e-commerce sales positions. Along with the bachelor's degree, the candidate must also possess a minimum experience of six to seven years in the e-commerce management field. Many multi national companies, however, prefer recruiting candidates with a master's degree for this post. Thus, candidates looking forward to build a career as an e-commerce manager must possess the following educational qualifications:

Key Skills of an E-commerce Manager

The e-commerce manager must have expert analytical and organizational skills. He or she must also be skillful in following tasks:

Job Responsibilities of an E-commerce Manager

The main job responsibility of an e-commerce manager is supervising and managing the entire e-commerce department. Along with this, he or she also carries out various other job duties as follows:

Salary of an E-commerce Manager

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary of an e-commerce manager is about $92,000. The range of the e-commerce manager generally ranges in between $61,000 and $113,000. The salary of an e-commerce manager usually depends upon the educational qualification and experience of the candidate. Thus, the above mentioned figures are likely to change according to the experience level of the e-commerce managers.

The e-commerce manager responsibilities described above will help you understand all the job duties carried by an e-commerce manager. The educational qualifications and skills mentioned above will further help you in planning your career as an e-commerce manager.

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