Employee Communications Manager Job Description

The employee communications manager responsibilities mainly comprise communicating and conveying the most important information to the internal employees as well as keeping in touch with the external sources to facilitate better communication. According to the type of organization, they may need to maintain internal communication or interact with the external clients or may need to handle both at a time.

The significance of employee communications manager can be best understood when an organization is successful, and the subordinates have a healthy working relationship with each other as well as with the management. Clear communication of the employer's goals creates a dramatic impact on the performance and quality of the production.

If they are able to strike a chord with the employees, they will definitely be more adaptable to the changes and will also demonstrate a sense of responsibility and understand that they are themselves responsible for their own growth.

Key Responsibilities of an Employee Communications Manager

Employee communication manager plays a vital role in the effective handling of various communication activities that would involve active engagement and participation of the employees to support and ensure smooth business operation. Let us have a look at the key responsibilities that need to be handled by an employee communications manager:

  1. To develop and implement communication strategies and plans and convey it to the employees by compelling them to follow and adhere by the communication standards
  2. To participate and attend group communications that involve meetings, seminars, conference calls, and noting down the minutes of meetings
  3. To maintain communication regarding future upcoming meetings, programs, and their respective schedules
  4. To identify the future communication needs and request for its approval based on a priority basis
  5. To maintain effective communication and coordination with the external networks by participating and implementing promotional activities, producing brochures, newsletters, online information as well as print publication material
  6. To develop healthy, professional, working relationships with clients and employees within an organization

Thus, he is responsible for ensuring consistent, timely, and clear communication programs by ensuring they are properly executed and are effective. He effectively communicates the strategies and plans by giving presentations, making announcements, forwarding mails, maintaining the information sheets, etc. He reviews and analyzes the feedback to improve better delivery of information. He stimulates new concepts to facilitate internal and external communication by constantly refreshing the content on the website and intranet to promote continuous learning.

Essential Skills

Strong interpersonal communication skills are a must. They should be able to communicate effectively by using various communication tools and should be able to make presentations and assist in developing fresh content for various promotional materials. They should have excellent time management and organization skills. They should be able to motivate and lift the morale of the employees through various communication programs and activities.

Educational Qualifications

The minimum qualification required to make an entry as an employee communications manager is that you need to have at least a bachelor's degree in public relations, human resources, journalism, or English.

Salary Details

The average annual wages for employee communications manager falls in the range of $85,000 to $89,000. However, it varies depending on the size and type of the organization and the relevant qualifying factors.

Work Schedule

The standard routine of an employee communications manager generally requires him to work for thirty five to forty hours per week. Occasionally, he may be required to travel or extend his daily routine to attend some meeting or complete some work that is needed on a priority basis.

Career Scope

There is huge scope for personal and professional development for employee communications manager. They are employed in various sectors like education, information technology, communication organizations, health-care organizations, etc.

Therefore, in general, they are responsible for communicating the goals of the organization, duties of the employees, and policies and procedures that need to be followed by them. They should communicate the job related problems and provide assistance in resolving issues related to the work place.

Thus, effective employment communication responsibilities ensure in portraying a positive image of the organization, which thereby helps in broadening the horizons of the organization.

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