Environmental Health and Safety Generalist Manager Responsibilities

Environmental health and safety generalist manager responsibilities play a crucial role in evaluating the working conditions and developing ways to prevent illness, thereby ensuring the health and safety of the employees working in an organization. They also help in providing valuable information and guidance on maintaining the occupational hygiene, ergonomics and ensuring compliance with environmental safety by taking proper precautions. They also conduct programs related to the assessment of the health and conduct periodical medical examinations to determine the health of the employees.

Key Responsibilities of an Environmental Health and Safety Generalist Manager

Environmental health and safety generalist manager is responsible for providing assistance and direction to the working employees in the organization in order to assist in achieving the assigned objectives. This is usually done by implementing short term and long term goals, thereby helping in resolving the complex issues. Here is a detailed description of the key responsibilities that need to be handled by an environmental health and safety generalist manager:

  1. To design and develop environmental health and safety goals, metrics, etc., that are in compliance with the organization's policies, standards and regulations
  2. To conduct periodical inspection to ensure health and safety regulations and design regular check up programs that will help in determining the health of the employees
  3. To inspect the work place to identify the toxic and hazardous material that may affect the health of the workers and develop measures to prevent their effects
  4. To be accountable for industrial hygiene, safety, and ergonomics and take ownership for the same
  5. To coordinate with other departments to ensure management of risks and compliance while meeting with business and operational needs
  6. To lead, coordinate, and contribute to the investigation and identification of the root cause and implement preventive and corrective plan of action

He makes sure to develop and ensure safety and ergonomic principles are incorporated and provides the necessary training to achieve the environmental health and safety performance. Thus, he makes sure to give direction and help in achieving the assigned goals and objectives. While doing so, he ensures that he works within the given parameters and makes short-term and long term plans to resolve issues of complex nature by taking immediate action.

Educational Qualifications

A four year degree in occupational health and safety from an accredited university or college or a high school diploma would be the minimum requirement to qualify for the post of an environment health and safety generalist manager job. A master's degree or additional certification and training would prove to be beneficial. Experience in a similar profile will only help you in advancing to higher positions.

Essential Skills

The ideal environmental health and safety generalist manager should be passionate for being responsible for health and safety practices and programs and should possess an in depth knowledge of environmental regulations. He should have strong written and oral communication skills combined with excellent leadership and analytical skills. He should have strong computer skills and have a drive to handle multiple projects at a time and complete it based on priority.

Salary Details

The minimum salary offered is close to $61,000 and the maximum can go up to $102,000. The average salary that is being offered is in the range of $80,000 to $83,000. It varies depending on the geographical location, type, size, educational background, skills, and experience in that particular profile.

Work Hours

The work hours are standard, i.e. they normally need to work for thirty five to forty five hours per week. However, in case some work needs to be done on a priority basis, one may need to extend his daily schedule and work late in the evenings or nights.

Career Scope

There are ample opportunities available for those trying to establish themselves as environmental health and safety managers. A successful track record of demonstrated work experience will help you in advancement and take your career to new heights.

Thus, to become a thorough professional, the environmental health and safety generalist manager responsibilities should be carried out efficiently and effectively.

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