Faculty Development Manager Responsibilities

Faculty or the teaching staff of an educational institute is the most important resource. It is a means to an end. Any educational institute will not be able to function for long with the most sophisticated technology and methodology in the absence of qualified staff. Even though the staff is qualified, they need to expand their field of knowledge in order to fulfill the dynamic job requirements. A faculty development manager is appointed and assigned with the responsibilities of handling the associated tasks of this process.

A faculty development manager is in-charge of assessing the performance of the faculty and identifying the areas where they need improvement. This is vital to develop a further course of action i.e. a development plan that will help them to overcome their setbacks and improve their efficiency as a faculty. He is responsible for conducting an unbiased assessment to provide transparent results rather than declare a partial judgment to favor a faculty from a specific department.

The faculty development manager has to define development program requirements and schedule them as well. He also decides the budget for the development programs. Being the leader of the department, he recruits and trains the staff who help in organizing and conducting the development programs. He is even involved in the recruitment of the faculty, as it helps him to appoint competent candidates.

The faculty development manager is required to design and develop training material such as presentations, handouts, notes, etc. He has to communicate with the faculty and identify the problem they face while at work. Most of the time, he provides personal support to the faculty even before initiating a development program.

The job responsibilities of a faculty development manager have been elaborated below for further reference.

Assess Faculty Performance

The first and foremost responsibility of a faculty development manager is to assess the performance of the faculty. He has to assess their performance on various parameters that go beyond the knowledge of the subject. The faculty development manager identifies their overall competency on factors such as frequency of interaction with the students, attendance and punctuality, feedback of students, etc.

Define Development Program Requirements

The faculty development manager is required to define the requirements and details of the development program for faculty. He is also expected to decide on the spending over the program.

Develop Program Deliverables

The faculty development manager is involved in the development of instruction and training material for the program. He also plans activities that will help the faculty to learn and develop on the professional front.

Schedule, Conduct, and Administer Programs

The faculty development manager is required to schedule the development programs depending on the requirement of each department. He conducts these programs and administers the activities of other instructors and trainers involved in the program.

Assess Program Effectiveness

The faculty development manager has to measure the effectiveness of the programs and identify any problems that the faculty may face while attending the program.

Skills of a Faculty Development Manager

An individual aspiring to become a faculty development manager is required to be:

Becoming a Faculty Development Manager

You have to complete your education with a master's or doctoral degree in industrial or organizational psychology or a closely related course. A widespread experience of working in a similar process and/or position is mandatory.

Career Scope for a Faculty Development Manager

Average annual salary for a faculty development manager is $55,000. It varies with the job requirements, location, and the qualifications of the applicant as well.

Faculty development manager responsibilities help you to understand the different duties associated with this profession. Additionally, you also get to know about the requirements of this job in terms of educational qualifications, experience, and skills.

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