Field Project Manager Responsibilities

The field project manager plays a vital role in the successful implementation of the project by effectively planning, controlling, and maintaining the quality, cost, and time needed for a particular project. If an individual has a technical aptitude, along with good management and organization skills, then the field project manager responsibilities can be handled more effectively.

Key Responsibilities of a Field Project Manager

The role of a field project manager is often challenging and demanding. He/she needs to carry out a wide range of responsibilities and the level of responsibilities will differ from one organization to another. The work of a project manager mostly includes efficient management of the project by effective planning, monitoring, execution, and controlling during various phases of the project, right from its inception stage to completion. He/she uses his/her knowledge, abilities, skills, techniques and tools to control and oversee the assigned project. The points mentioned below will help you in giving a better idea about what are the key responsibilities that need to be carried out by a field project manger:

  1. To understand and define the scope of the project and the relevant goals that support the business objectives by interacting with the stakeholders and management personnel.
  2. To develop project plans and assist in directing and managing the project from beginning till the end.
  3. To liaise with the stakeholders and to communicate the expectations to the subordinate staff members in a clear and concise manner.
  4. To draft and submit the budget proposals and to ensure that there are adequate staff members and delegate the work load with the staff members.
  5. To initiate the project and track the project milestones by making effective use of various tools
  6. To mentor, coach, train, and supervise the team members and to analyze the results of the project and identify the discrepancies associated with it

On the basis of the reports generated, the success of the project can be defined. The success greatly depends on whether the clients' expectations have been met within the given deadline and budget. He/she is also responsible for ensuring compliance with the organization's policies and procedures. He/she may make suggestions to hire additional staff in case there are not enough staff members. Thus, he/she is responsible for developing best tools and practices that will eventually lead to effective execution and management of the assigned project. He/she may also make recommendations to eliminate the unsuccessful elements in the project. He/she is equally responsible for building, developing, maintaining, and growing business relationships with the potential clients.

Essential Skills

If an individual wants to make a mark as a field project manager, it is vital that he/she has a strong exposure and experience in project development and execution. He/she should be comfortable to work under given deadlines and complete the given project on time. He/she should be able to work independently as well as in a team with exceptional time management skills. He/she should be able to defuse tension, prioritize and delegate the workload and ensure effective execution of tasks even under stressful working conditions.

Academic Background

A field project manager should possess a bachelor's degree in the relevant area. The individuals with experience and higher qualifications will definitely get more opportunities.

Work Schedule

The field project manager needs to be flexible and should be ready to work at any given point of time. His/her normal duty hours comprise forty to forty five hours per week, which may extend in case a project deadline needs to be met. He/she should be willing to travel to the site or to meet with the clients and discuss the project requirements.

Salary Details

The salary package starts with as low as $43,000, and the experienced field project managers can earn a remuneration ranging up to $1,07,000 to $1,15,000. It also varies depending on the type and size of the organization he/she is employed in.

Career Prospects

There is definitely a huge scope for development and growth of the field project manager. An individual with a strong academic background and a demonstrated track record of success can be promoted to a senior managerial or executive position that offers better salary package and growth.

Thus, if you are planning to apply for the job of a field project manager, you are now well-equipped with the knowledge of field project manager responsibilities, skills, and academic background required to become a complete professional.

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