Forecast Manager Job Description

The forecast manager responsibilities include observing and evaluating the gross revenues by implementing modifications and measuring the change of information via value and income category for different companies. He organizes and computes the reports for different seasons and puts different binary season installations into action. He comes up with tailored season reports, organizes selling predictions and ascertains the information transport on computer programs.

He brings up the fundamental trade and monthly predicted information in order to plan the fiscal procedural method solutions and makes sure that there is an effective movement of the former on time. He administrates the continuous examination of the active business growth gross revenue directions and styles compared to the predictions.

Key Responsibilities of a Forecast Manager

Qualifications and Skills Required

The candidate should be an engineering or science graduate. He can also be a bachelor of pharmacy with an MBA. An engineering graduate could also be an MBA, as this would increase his job prospects and also ensure that he climbs the hierarchy steps very quickly. He should have good English spoken as well as written skills. He should also have the ability to work individually or under a group or team. Having expertise on straightforward customer interaction would be an asset to the company. Finally, he should have both people administration and leading skills.

Working Conditions

A forecast manager works around 5 days a week and generally executes his operations outdoors. His is a typical 9 to 6 job. He remains quite busy and interacts with the customers over the phone. He deals with large statistical figures and works in a friendly atmosphere where everybody is willing to help him.


A forecast manager gets an average salary of around USD 94, 000 per year. This figure can vary from one place to another depending on the experience, skills and qualifications of the candidate.

Thus, the forecast manager responsibilities include creating the fiscal procedure solutions and overseeing the fiscal models for the growth of the concerned company.

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