Industry Marketing Manager Responsibilities

Marketing manager have to carry out various administrative tasks; in other words, it can be said that he/she is the overall in-charge for carrying out promotional as well as marketing activities, set up marketing strategies for the company, and manage the staff as per the protocol of the organization. Industry marketing manager responsibilities and tasks vary by organization, size of the department and industry. In large scale industries, there maybe more than one marketing personnel, while in small scale industries, a single person looks after most duties related to marketing. These professionals may work under the vice president or marketing director in most organizations.

For small organizations, there are multiple business approaches to marketing. Duty of these personnel may be group responsibility, or they may have to work with a single team member. A small team can develop the ability to instill a marketing led attribute, which can prove beneficial for the growth of the business. Team skills and budget availability play a vital role in deciding whether you perform certain elements of marketing procedure such as market research in house or outsource them.

What are the Job Responsibilities of an Industry Marketing Manager?

Key responsibilities of a marketing manager vary according to the business, but some of them are common:

Specific Duties

The role of the industry marketing manager can be focused or diverse. Elaboration of some key aspects are mentioned below:

Market Research

Carry out research on various aspects in order to clearly understand the competitors, consumers and general environment; analyze findings and implement it for the development of the organization by attracting more customers; and become more competitive by meeting the requirement of the customers.

Promotion and Advertising

Based on the type of the organization or industry, the marketing manager may either administer the promotional and advertising approaches of the company themselves, collaborate with the external advertising agency or team up with an internal advertising firm. These approaches involve online promotion and print advertising, direct marketing and event planning.

Planning for Marketing Strategies

Depending on the overall direction and goals of the company, marketing personnel set new marketing strategies in order to promote the company's images, services or products. They also analyze the efficiency of the implemented strategies by evaluating their impact on consumer perception and market share. They create and estimate budgets, establish pricing strategies, make projections on investment returns, etc. Identifying various distribution channels that can be used to make the product available to the customers.


During their work course, marketing managers have to team up with other managers from various departments, they work with senior executives within the industry and also deal with suppliers and customers. Dealing with customers or employees at different locations may require traveling.

Supervision and Managing Staff

These experts supervise the marketing staff projects as well as daily activities such as overseeing the recruitment, marketing coordinators, training process and performance assessment of their team. They make certain that the team functions work in an appropriate manner by encouraging respect, communication and trust.

Look After Various Business Opportunities

Marketing administrators need to continuously keep a track of the recent trends in the market in order to recognize the future business opportunities. Consulting the purchasers to know the current demand and utilizing sales forecasting to estimate the service and product profitability in the future help in the development of the business.

Basically, industry marketing manager responsibilities comprise advertising and promotion of products in order to increase their sale and demand in the market by maintaining the quality criteria.

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