Information Assurance Manger Responsibilities

Information assurance manager responsibilities play an instrumental role in developing, communicating, implementing, and updating the information related to the security policies. Effective management of these responsibilities will assist in providing all the necessary and essential framework for assuring high levels of security as well as help in accomplishing technical functions. The information assurance manager assists in providing guidance and insight to the management personnel and help in developing strategies as well as for promoting security.

Key Responsibilities of an Information Assurance Manager

The following points mentioned below will help you in giving a detailed description of the key responsibilities that need to be carried out by an information assurance manager:

  1. To understand and analyze the user requirement to determine its functional as well as cross functional needs

  2. To allot the functions to the staff members and identify resources to carry out the task effectively, to work on identification of vulnerabilities, remediation, and mitigation

  3. To analyze the hardware and software vulnerabilities and to study their impact

  4. To identify the priorities and make contribution to the mitigation strategies

  5. To create a general and situation awareness amongst the staff members and provide detailed relevant information about it

  6. To provide details and notify about the possible potential threats, to document and convey the operational requirements to enhance the capabilities

The information assurance engineer is responsible for maintaining and developing an information assurance program that identifies the IA requirements, IA objectives, and IA procedures and policies. He/she is responsible for maintaining the repository for IA certification, accreditation, and any other relevant documentation. He/she ensures that all the staff members are trained technically and that they are well equipped with knowledge of IA certification and are well aware how to carry out their information assurance duties. He/she coordinates with other departments to ensure that the issues relevant to the organization's security are being addressed appropriately.

The information assurance manager monitors the progress internally and externally to ensure that all the operational requirements have been fulfilled. He/she ensures the enforcement and development of information system security procedures and plans. He/she is involved in the plan development, ensuring system compliance, its auditing, investigation of security incidents, preparation of the reports related to security, etc. He/she is thus, responsible for planning, implementing and maintaining the information assurance program, ensuring that the security requirements have been incorporated appropriately in the system and that all the relevant documentation has been updated.

Essential Skills and Abilities

Educational Background

Whenever you are applying for the post of an information assurance engineer, it is essential that you have at least a bachelor's degree in computer science or any other relevant field. Experience in network, data and application security in multiple operating systems, hosting, network security techniques, etc., would also be preferred. Exposure to installing firewalls, intrusion detection products, network scanning, and authentication technologies would be an added advantage.

Work Schedule

The information assurance manger normally works for forty to forty five hours per week, Monday through Friday. The work may get extended if some work needs to be done on an urgent basis and which may require him/her to work late in the evenings or sometimes even on the weekends.

Salary Details

The minimum salary package offered for an information assurance manager is $50,000, while the maximum salary that is offered for the experienced individuals can roughly range in between $115,000 to $124,000. It will vary depending on the size, type, and location of the organization.

Career Prospects

There is definitely a huge scope for growth and development of the information assurance managers and by demonstrating their talent, they can definitely move up to higher levels.

Thus, successful implementation of information assurance manger will help you in guaranteeing a rewarding and lucrative career ahead.

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