Information Security Manager Responsibilities

With more and more organizations focusing on storing all the vital data on their computers, it is obvious that securing this information has gained greater importance in the recent years. Therefore, most of the organizations are relying on hiring managers to carry out the information security manager responsibilities. This helps in assuring the fact that the data stored is secured and will help in effective management of the risks. Thus, it is related with ensuring high levels of security of information that is stored in various forms by protecting it against the attack of viruses or hackers.

Key Responsibilities of an Information Security Manager

The information security manager is the key person or more aptly the process owner for all the activities pertaining to protecting the confidentiality and integrity of the clients, employee, and any other related business data that is of great significance to the organization. While carrying out these ongoing activities, he/she ensures that the organization's rules and regulations are being adhered by him/her. The detailed description of the key responsibilities handled by an information security manager given below will help you to give a better idea about his/her role in the organization:

  1. To initiate, develop, and maintain information security policies and procedures and to ensure that the security strategies are being followed, so as to meet the organizational security goals and standards
  2. To identify the security risks involved and resolve them, to perform assessment of security risks and to function as an auditor for security
  3. To document all the security policies and to promote activities and procedures to create a general awareness about the significance of security within an organization
  4. To review the security plans that have been implemented on the systems throughout the entire network of the organization, thus acting as an information security consultant
  5. To act as a liaison to the department of information system and to monitor its compliance and direct the unsolved issues to the appropriate department
  6. To monitor the internal controlling systems so as to ensure its accessibility whenever it is required by the users

In addition to the above responsibilities, the information security manager is also involved in providing training to the new trainees and providing a general oversight to all the business partners, employees, alliances, etc., to ensure appropriate information security clearance. He/she provides details regarding the current security technological developments and any other related issues. He/she is involved in planning and managing information if there is an occurrence of any disaster and the information or data needs to be retrieved. He/she performs regular inspections and tests to ensure complete security of the vital information. He/she is involved in designing strategies and organizing the technical data in a way to ensure that the company's goals are met. He/she performs regular analysis and assessment to ensure the mitigation of the risks that have been involved. Thus, he/she plays a crucial role to maintain the existing security infrastructure and helps in defining the future programs that will ensure better security of the company's valuable data.

Essential Skills

If you want to be successful in the field of information security, you should have at least some of the following skills:

Educational Background

To be eligible for the post of an information security manager, an individual should have completed a bachelor's degree in computer science or any other relevant field. Advanced certification or training will definitely add an edge to get the desired job. The educational criteria may, however, differ from one organization to the other. A Unix or Linux certification or completion of CISSP, CISM, CISA, etc., would prove to be an added advantage.

Salary Details

The minimum salary package that is offered for inexperienced individuals is in the range of $75,000, while the maximum that is offered for experienced candidates can roughly range in between $135,000 to $165,000. Those with a strong academic background, skills and demonstrated work experience have better chances for advancement.

Work Schedule

The information security manager has a busy schedule that includes installation of firewalls, analyzing and evaluating the networks, etc., on a daily basis. Normally, he/she needs to work for forty to forty five hours per week, which may get extended in case there is any staff meeting, training session, or any other work which needs to be done on a priority basis.

Career Prospects

An individual who is well-equipped with the current security tools, encryption techniques, and has previous exposure to implementation of security procedures related to hardware and software have better chances for promotion to higher levels.

Thus, if you are able to shoulder the information security manger responsibilities successfully, then you can be assured of a rewarding and lucrative career ahead.

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