Innovation Manager Job Description

The innovation manager responsibilities include being accountable for the administration of the usual trade name of a company, creating plans and programs for merchandising and opening the dealings for a trade or group. He/she makes sure that other associates and workers in the innovation section of the company back-up those targets and aims of the same. The roles and duties of an innovation manager are vital to the merchandising and promotion unit of the company.

He/she takes care of the innovation section of the company that is inclusive of graphic creators, promotion managers, part time workers, ad writers, and other employees who provide the manager with back-up. He/she administrates and oversees the designing and innovative endeavors and functions adopted by the section of the company that include graphic design, merchandising, publicizing and public relations. He/she is the word of authority over various creation and trade name activities executed in the company. He/she also instructs the new associates and workers of the same from time to time.

Innovative Manager Responsibilities

Qualifications and Skills Required

An innovation manager requires to have certain educational qualifications in order to function as an innovation manager. He/she should have a bachelor's degree in arts, graphic designs or communications or in any other similar field. Having some years of experience in a related field as a project management or a brand development personnel is necessary to hold this position.

He/she may also start working as a graphic designer and must be well familiar with the promotion and merchandise policies. Apart from these, he/she must have the ability to handle multiple project undertakings at the same time and head the innovative unit of the company.

He/she should be a patient listener and should have strong communication and presentation skills. Having good administrative and supervisory abilities would be very helpful for him/her. He/she should also have good computer, internet and graphic designing skills. An innovation manager must be comfortable adjusting to various kinds of working conditions.

Working Conditions

An innovation manager works in an ambience that is highly creative and in one that consists of very creative and talented people. He/she has a typical five day effective working shift, wherein he/she works from nine in the morning to six in the evening. He/she has a fast working environment and remains busy with telephone calls and computer graphic systems.


An innovation manager earns anywhere around USD 81, 091 per annum on a median basis. But this varies from one company to another.

Thus, the innovation manager responsibilities, duties and roles include designing innovative and creative plans and programs for the company and enforcing them in the same in order to meet its business needs.

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