Installation Manager Responsibilities

The installation manager responsibilities include executing the job duties of an installation supervisor in the company. He plans and administrates the work of installation personnel under him and works in a broad range of commercial enterprises. He also administrates and supervises the tasks of application installation workers and associates in the company. An installation manager is also referred to as an installation supervisor. He recruits, instructs and inspires the installation associates and workers of the same.

He plans the tasks of the staff and supervises the initiation of services and commodities as per the company particularities. He analyzes and examines the initiation sites and conducts experiments on the equipment after the installations get over. He makes sure that all the installations fit properly and that they work effectively. He ensures that all this is done in agreement with the principles and modulations of the company. He sees to it that all the installation associates of the company follow the rules and regulations of installations.

An installation manager has the following key responsibilities, duties and jobs:

Qualifications and Skills Required

The candidate should have a bachelor's degree in a related field. This bachelor's degree should span a period of four years and be obtained from a recognized university or college. He should also have some years of working experience under his belt and should have a valid driving license and a clean and strong past driving record. Having administrative and supervisory working experience would be an added benefit to the company that hires him. His background will be checked and his body will tested for drug addiction before starting to work as the same. That's why, he must have a healthy and good employee record. He should have good creative, communicative and presenting skills. He must be strong and should have the abilty to respond very effectively. He should have good administrative, time management and analytical skills. At last, he should have the abilty to work in a fast environment and lift heavy weights comfortably.

Working Conditions

An installation manager works in a busy and fast environment. He may have to travel frequently and lift loads upto 125 pounds. He has to adjust himself with time and needs to be flexible in a developed oriented work ambience. He works for around five days per week and nine hours per day. This accounts to him working for about 45 hours or more in a single week.


The installation manager earns about USD 35, 000 to USD 75, 000 per year on a median basis.

Thus, the installation manager responsibilities and job roles include administrating the installation staff of the company and ensuring the proper initiations of all the equipment and machineries of the same and that of the clients.

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