Integrated Marketing Communications Manager Responsibilities

Integrated marketing communications is a field of advertising and marketing that target one area of the marketing plus promotion. Integrated marketing and communication manager synchronize the public relations and the advertising activities for business as well as non profit entities. He/she leads a department tasked with press releases, ad campaigns and development in other marketing areas.

Integrated marketing communication manager responsibilities vary, but typically revolve around the control of public relations and few key advertising roles. He/she must refine or develop a communication strategy which involves the branding of a client or company. Another common task at this level is to find out the opportunities for client research and to apply these data targeting and gathering initiatives.

After completing the research, this official may collaborate with production and product design teams to synchronize the process of the existing products or the manufacturing of new products. Unlike juniors in this field, managers often spend much of his/she working hours directly with the client, assisting them to determine their objectives.

These managers often direct and supervise the work flow of public relations, advertising or marketing specialists by assigning job duties, handling external communications and facilitating interdepartmental communications. Their specialization allows them to allocate resources of the company to maximize efficiency, creativity and collaboration in building and maintaining corporate identity or consistent branding across public relations and marketing channels.

They are also responsible for obtaining the advance knowledge of industry trends. These professionals work at both poles of their job profile as well as where communications and marketing duties are concerned. The marketing administration side of this profile may involve the pricing strategies, refinement and development of marketing goals, promotional activities and branding in consultation with marketing clients and staff.

Directing market research and analysis to verify opportunities and trends is another job function. The prime concern of communication management side is the public's perception of the company, brand or product and directs the creation of press releases, internal communication and speeches given by the executives.

What are the Job Responsibilities ?

Integrated marketing communication managers use their knowledge in a variety of disciplines such as direct marketing, advertising, sales promotion, media and public relations to create a sound and unified corporate brand that is unique and outstanding. Job functions of these managers are to:

Required Education and Skills

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job position of an integrated marketing communication manager requires a bachelor's degree in business, marketing, advertising administration, journalism, English, communication or other relevant major. Since this position is often highly competitive, some top company employers may ask for an applicant with MBA degree course or a Master's degree in marketing. Applicants with experience in the same field have good scope of higher level of job opportunities.

Skills Required

In addition to these tangible criteria, marketing managers need to have an ability to demonstrate an array of skills. Superior writing, editing, oral and presentation skills are among the significant requirements, since it contributes in working effectively with both team members and clients.

They will need to efficiently co-ordinate with various departments, including sales, design services, product management, client services, event planning and corporate communications. Along with the ability to build a good rapport with internal stakeholders, an executive job post requires excellent team building, project management, writing, leadership, budgeting skills to design and implement marketing plans.

Integrated marketing communication manager responsibilities focus on developing, implementing and executing marketing programs that assist in promoting and creating awareness about the brand of the company.

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