Interactive Project Manager Responsibilities

Interactive project manager responsibilities are associated with the job of a person who holds a managerial position in an organization where he/she is involved in the development of various interactive products and services that are ultimately aimed to connect with the audience on a digital medium. Thus, the job of an interactive project manager can be described as the management of the people who work towards the creation, designing, development, testing, and deployment of such products and services.

There are several roles that the manager of interactive product and service development projects handles. A project goes through several phases before the goals are met. The manager here is required to be an efficient leader who knows how to balance people and motivate them to achieve the desired targets through cooperation, hard work, and continuous improvements through learning.

Whether working for a client or an in-house project, the project manager is responsible for providing the estimated cost that needs to be incurred in order to achieve the assigned goals with perfection. He/she has to ensure that the project is executed within the given deadline and budgets while allowing the team members to exploit their creativity and passion to the fullest.

As an interactive project manager, a person needs to provide feasible suggestions and support to the team members as and when he/she finds that they are getting diverted from the objectives of the project. It is his/her responsibility to see this, despite all the hindrances.

Some more details related to the responsibilities of an interactive project manager are described below:

Communicating with the Clients

The interactive project manager has to initiate and maintain communication with the prospective and established clients. He/she has to update them with the progress in the project and also listen to their feedback and complains in order to identify where things are going perfect and where they are going wrong.

Negotiating with Vendors

It is necessary for a project manager to negotiate with the vendors and appoint those who provide high quality materials at the lowest price possible.

Managing and Supporting Team

The manager is required to manage the team and the activities of the team members. He/she has to provide necessary support and guidance in order to allow the members so that they are able to face the obstacles and perform their duties efficiently.

Business Development

Identifying prospective clients and drafting offers to approach them are other important tasks that consume some of the time of the project manager handling the development of interactive projects.

Administrative Tasks

The interactive project manager may also handle several administrative tasks apart from the projects. He/she may have to interview employees, prepare reports and database, and file documents for future reference.

Desired Skills in an Interactive Project Manager

To become a successful interactive project manager, you need to be:

Educational Qualifications of an Interactive Project Manager

To become the manager for interactive projects, you need to pursue a degree level course in software and web engineering. This will help you to learn the basics of interactive products through which you can easily explore the various tools and learn all you need to become an efficient candidate for this job.

Career Scope for an Interactive Project Manager

You can easily earn around $76,000 to $97,000 annually while working in this position. This figure, however, is exclusive of the benefits, incentives, and allowances provided by the organization.

The job responsibilities of an interactive project manager will help you to become aware of what all this job has to offer in terms of earnings, roles, and career scope.

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