International Tax Manager Responsibilities

The international tax manager responsibilities and tasks include working as a global tax administrator in the establishment. He/she also plays the roles and duties of an international tax director. His/her functions vary from one nation to another. However, he/she revaluates the levy returns by compiling, studying, examining, arranging and organizing fiscal data of the organization in proper order. He/she also backs-up the enhancement, advancement and enforcement of various levy plans and programs.

The international tax manager or the global tax director aids in configuring and creating money transfers and also offers suggestions with respect to fiscal levy to the customers which assist them with stepping-up the capitalist values. He/she makes sure that all of his fiscal and tax operations are executed with agreement to the policies of tax and with conformance to the principles of those judicial areas. He/she revaluates and formulates the global tax victuals for the foreign entities.

The international tax manager has the following key job responsibilities and duties that are as under:

Educational Qualifications and Skills Required

The international tax manager needs to have a bachelor's degree in finance or accounts. He/she could also have a bachelor's degree in a similar field. He/she could also get a bachelor's degree in a subject or course that would help him/her learn the basic managerial skills as well as the practical applications and nuances of finance and accounts.

Doing a bachelor's degree in business administration and majoring in finance or accounts would serve the purpose of educating him/her for this post. A master's degree in business administration with majors in the same subjects would give him/her the added advantage of being preferred over somebody with just a bachelor's degree in the same.

A master of business administration would also ensure that he/she gets selected for very good jobs. Also, he/she would need to have about three years of working expertise in a related company or organization, in case he/she does not have a bachelor's degree. Alongside these qualifications and experience, he/she should also possess some skills that are essential to execute the roles and duties of this post.

The international tax manager should have good math, business, accounting, administrating and handling skills. He/she should have good training, leading, interacting and organizational skills. He/she should also have good computer programming, basic computer and task analysis and solving skills. Also, having good calculating and observing skills would be considered assets to the organization he/she joins.

Working Conditions

The international tax manager works in an office setting wherein he/she remains encircled by income tax files and related documents. He/she remains extremely busy and engaged with his/her work and has very little time to relax. He/she has typical working shifts from nine in the morning to six in the evening.

He/she does get offs in a week, but gets back to work as soon as he/she joins. He/she gets a lot of foreign exposure and has to travel abroad to meet the international clients. He/she learns a lot and gets a plentiful of working expertise in his/her office and abroad while meeting and interacting with his/her clients.


The international sales manager earns about USD 111, 546 per annum on an average. But his/her salary may deviate from one place to another and also depends on the kind of work he/she undertakes.

Thus, the international sales manger responsibilities and job duties include administering the tax task undertakings and advising the international clients on tax and related stuff.

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