Laundry Manager Job Description

The laundry manager is a professional who is responsible for the overall management of the laundry and supervises the work of the employees working in a laundry. The effective implementation of laundry manager responsibilities will ensure that all the linen and garments are washed and cleaned properly by ensuring adherence to the general policies and regulations of the laundry. He/she is responsible for ensuring that the laundry generates more profit margins and that the customer complaints are kept to a minimum level, and that if there are any issues they are being solved promptly. While overseeing the work of his/her subordinates, he/she makes sure that all the safety and health regulations have been followed.

Key Responsibilities of a Laundry Manager

The laundry manger is a professional responsible for delegating the work to the uniform and laundry personnel and giving them directions on how to proceed with their work. Before the laundry personnel starts their work, he/she makes sure that all the laundry equipment and any other relevant things are in proper working condition and that every employee adheres by the OSHA requirements and guidelines. He/she is thus accountable for the health and safety of the employees working in the laundry.

Here are some points that will illustrate the kind of responsibilities that need to be carried out by a laundry manager in the best way:

In addition to the above responsibilities

Essential Skills

An individual who is looking out for a job as a laundry manager should possess excellent supervisory and management skills. He/she should be able to delegate work to the subordinates according to the changing priorities of the clients. Good organization and training skills are essential. He/she have good problem solving skills and should be able to maintain good relations with the clients by communicating effectively and building a rapport with them. He/she should have a good business acumen and should be target oriented in order to achieve the business goals and objectives. He/she should be skilled in maintaining and updating the records related to inventory and laundry supplies.

Educational Background

The individual must have completed graduation from high school and should possess knowledge of operation, maintenance, care, and repair of various laundry equipment. He/she should have indepth knowledge of mixing processes, preparing solutions, sterilization methods, temperature that needs to be maintained during various laundering process for different types of material, etc.

Working Conditions

The laundry manager is required to move continuously during his/her daily routine and may need to lift and carry the laundry equipment. He/she may need to reschedule his/her work and may need to work overtime occasionally.

Salary Details

The median average remuneration offered is $36,000. Inexperienced candidates can get a starting salary of $19,000, which may go up to $50,000 once he/she gets experience.

Career Prospects

There are many opportunities available for this particular position and the individuals who have relevant work experience backed with right combination of skills and experience have definitely got better chances for promotion.

The laundry manager responsibilities thus must be carried out effectively to ensure personal and professional development, thereby leading to a greater career ahead.

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