Learning Manager Responsibilities

A learning manager is a professional who works to optimize the efficiency of a company's training program. To work at this job position efficiently, an individual needs to have creativity, leadership abilities and problem solving skills. Learning manager responsibilities generally involve planning, directing and coordinating the development and training activities as well as the staff of an organization. He/she analyzes training requirements to develop new training programs or improve and modify the existing ones. Common duties of this professional involve developing new training programs, researching training program requirements, improving current training programs, assessing instructor performance and obtaining training materials. Researching on the training program necessities is often an introductory task. Collecting learning materials may include things like computer training videos, software, posters and books. Sometimes, he/she might create this material himself/herself, while other times he/she will order it. In order to provide the staff with adequate training, he/she needs to ensure that the available educational materials are both effective and relevant.

Before modifying a current program or developing new one, he/she should initially indentify the areas that need to be addressed. For instance, an organization might be experiencing consistent complaints from the customer service, or the staff might be facing trouble in using a new software program. In spite of this situation, the learning manager has the authority to pinpoint the precise areas that require modification. To accomplish this, he/she may communicate with the department supervisors or implement surveys. After clearly understanding the areas that need focus, he/she will develop a new learning program. In the case of consumer service complaints, a course is developed that educates the staff on how to effectively communicate with clients and cater to their needs successfully.

What are the Work Activities?

The learning manager has to perform certain typical work activities in their routine job. Their job duties involve:

Required Education, Skills and Attributes

Many employers look for a candidate with at least a bachelor's degree in a relevant field such as business management. Few may also demand for candidates with several years of experience in addition to being a graduate.

To work as a learning manager, a candidate must have:

A learning manager has the authority to make improvements in the existing program. For example, if there are several complaints about the weak job performance due to lack of knowledge, he/she can tweak the training program. In some instances, he/she may employ a new instructor who has the knowledge and experience of a particular field. Other times, he/she can place additional in-depth training in a field that is lacking. Besides, he/she may sometimes also have to evaluate the performance of the instructor and listen to feed back of the staff members after completion of a training program. Since he/she is responsible for collecting information, he/she can recommend the areas of improvement for an instructor.

One of the major learning manager responsibilities is to plan, design and conduct end-to-end training program for the core staff members up to the senior management level. Moreover, the training aspects will cover various facets in the field such as commercial training, inductions, management development, and some technical skills.

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