Medical Technician Job Description

A doctor or a medical practitioner requires many assistants in the form of nurses, laboratory technicians, medical technicians, administrative nurses, etc., while they are providing treatment for any patients. They have to conduct many diagnostic tests and based on the results obtained from these diagnostic tests they offer treatment to the patients. The role of a medical technician in the treatment process is to perform pathological tests and handling all kinds of equipments used in performing any kind of diagnostic tests. A medical technician may also be referred to as medical technologist, and if he is involved in performing only clinical pathology tests then he may be titled as laboratory technician. A medical technician is as vital as a doctor in any treatment process. To know more about a medical technician job description, read further.

Sometimes medical technicians either participate in clinical research or in teaching students pursuing degree as medical technician. Apart from this a medical technologist has a wide scope of employment opportunities in hospitals of all sizes and laboratories. The duties and responsibilities of a medical technician given here will help you know the day-to-day activities of a medical technician.

Responsibilities of a Medical Technician:

If a medical technician is working in a research laboratory or in a college then his job responsibilities may however vary to a large extent. In research centers, a medical technician or medical technologist helps in finding out the reason behind the abnormalities in a particular biological sample. He also studies about the prospecting health risks by comparing other available samples with a slight variation in the composition. They induce different chemicals in the samples and study the changes.

If a medical technician is working in a college then he teaches the students various technologies and methods used in testing blood, urine and spinal fluid of the patients.

Skills Required by Medical Technicians:

Educational Qualifications Required for Medical Technicians:

Medical technologist should be graduates or post graduates in Biological Science with specialization in any stream but preferably in microbiology. If you are looking for an opportunity in big clinics, labs and blood banks then it is necessary that you pass ASCP certification course. Some establishments and health care facilities also hire individuals specialized in histology, bacteriology, chemistry, hematology or immunohematology. People who are experienced in working in hospital settings have added advantage over other job seekers in the similar profile.

Salaries Offered for Medical Technicians:

The average salary offered to a medical technician is about $29,844 per annum. As the number of years of experience of an individual increases, his salary may also increase.

Hope this medical technician job description helps you in understanding the details of salaries, qualifications, and skills of a medical technician.

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