X-Ray Technician Responsibilities

The x-ray technicians are regarded as some of the most reliable and valuable professionals of the health care industry alongside paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs). These efficient first-responders play a critical role in diagnosing major diseases and health issues suffered by the patients.

A large number of technicians are surveyed to work in diagnostic imaging centers compared to the fewer number who are found operating in outpatient care institutions and laboratories. Since health illnesses can occur at any given point of time, they are needed to be available for on-call and night shifts in particular. A full-time job generally takes in 40 hours each week.

Their main job is to obtain x-ray images of the patients through the process of radiographic imaging. Along with proper diagnosis, these radiologic images are employed by the physicians to create accurate treatment plans for the patients. The processing of the x-ray images is done according to the instructions given by the physicians - they specify the body parts which are to be focused upon.

These images also help the orthopaedists to study the bones and look in for fractures or any skeletal deformity present in the patient's body. Besides, they are used to reveal any foreign substances that might have entered in the body.

The technicians hold sound expertise in handling and maintaining the x-ray machines and other related instruments. These instruments are used to develop x-rays and prepare accurate reports of the medical findings which are discussed with the doctors for interpretation and executing further medical action. A rarely known fact tells that the experienced technicians are capable and skilled to identify ruptures, breakages, and other medical issues by just reviewing the images.

Interviewing the patients, determining their exact medical concerns, collecting the surveyed data, and documenting it in the system are other important duties of the technicians. They are also needed to position the patients correctly and ensure that there are no injuries while executing the radiologic imaging processes. For this purpose, they give prior information to the patients, comfort and prepare them for the imaging procedure.

Overexposure to x-rays can cause grave complications in the human body such as cancer. Though these professionals are open to severe risks like receiving harmful radiations, the protective measures observed by them keep them departed from such risks.

Duties and Responsibilities of X-Ray Technician

Xray technicians are extremely important in the medical field. In many accident cases, the victims suffer injury to the body which causes fractures. The xray technicians take the x-rays thus reducing the work of a bone specialist. The money they get is good and the benefits are even better. The education and training require for it is not that difficult.

Education and Training

Accuracy and efficiency are prime qualities demanded by this profile. Besides, the applicants are expected to hold good knowledge about the medical terminologies.

Career Advancement

X-ray technicians can receive seniority in their jobs after gaining the expected work experience and developing the required skills. Some of them can become trainers and help the medical organizations to produce skilled technicians.

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