Occupational Health Nurse Job Description

Treating people who fall ill in their workplace is the main requirement in an occupational health nurse job description. Illness can strike anywhere and the workplace is not an exception. We spend at least 8 hours working daily and hence, we can also fall sick there.

Occupational nurses are present on site and they give treatment to whatever problem the employee might face. They also have access to over-the-counter medicines, and use them if a person requires medication. If there are injuries, the nurses give first aid to the victims. These duties form the core of the occupational health nurse job description.

Occupational health nurses are required in places where the workforce is more. A company can even choose to hire more than one nurse. Some even have onsite doctors if the work taking place in the company is hazardous. However, hiring a doctor is expensive, hence, majority of the companies prefer to hire occupational health nurses.

The nurses need to have the list of all the employees that are working in the company. They should also know if any employee is suffering from medical condition like allergies. That way, they can have medication for allergic reactions as some allergic reactions can also be fatal. Therefore, each employee should inform about any medical condition they are suffering so the nurse can provide adequate care for them.

The nurses should make a list of basic medicines and first aid equipment so the company can purchase them. The nurses are given an office or a small infirmary where all the medicines are stored. The infirmary also has a couple of beds where the ill patients can lie down. In case the patient's condition is not good, they have to call for an ambulance and get the patient admitted into a hospital. They have to brief the paramedics on the patient's condition and tell what symptoms they have been suffering. If the patient has a medical condition, they also have to inform the paramedics about it. The nurses also have to call the employee's family and inform them.

These are just a handful of duties that occupational health nurses are required to do. To know about other duties as well as the educational requirement for this profession, read the occupational health nurse job description.

Duties of Occupational Health Nurse Job Description

The occupational health nurses find employment in companies quite easily as today companies provide good working conditions. Since they are employed in a company, they get a good salary and benefits. However, they have many duties other than providing care.

Academic Qualification Needed by Occupational Health Nurses

Career Advancement

Occupational health nurses can become heads if the company hires more nurses. They are entitled to yearly salary raises and other benefits that come with seniority.

The occupational health nurse job description has many other duties than just providing nursing care to employees. They also ensure that work environment for each employee is safe and they do not face any hazards.

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