Nurse Practitioner Job Description

The job of a nurse is divided into many categories; a nurse practitioner is one of them. This job is as close to the job of a registered nurse, even the qualification required are the same. The other tasks related to the job are also the same barring a few differences. Want to know the differences, then read the nurse practitioner job description provided for you better understanding.

The nurse practitioner has to assist the doctor in the daily rounds, and help them in giving care and treatment. They check for all the vital signs of the patient like temperature, blood pressure, breathing etc. They do all the tasks of a nurse, but the advantage they have is that they are not confined to the hospital. They have a choice of working by themselves. They can work in shifts with patients who can afford private care.

They have good knowledge about the medicines and can guide the patients on the drugs prescribed by the doctor. Some states even have given powers to practitioners to order test and prescribe simple medications. This is the main difference between a simple nurse and a practitioner. They also have to complete higher education than that of a nurse. This education is expensive but in return they get good salaries. Nurse practitioners are sought after by many hospitals because they can take up a lot of responsibilities from the doctor.

Nurse practitioners even have an important role to play in the administration. They are trained to handle office work and administrative work. They have to sometimes double up as receptionist and manage the counter at the hospital or clinic. These are just a few of the duties of a nurse practitioner; read the nurse practitioner job description.

Duties and responsibilities of nurse practitioner

Education and qualifications required for a nurse practitioner

Career Advancement

They have an opportunity to take on more administrative responsibilities in the hospital they work in.

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